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Welcome to Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta) Forum


This group is devoted to Bing Webmaster Tools discussions.

Welcome to Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta) Forum

  • This section of the Bing Webmaster forum is intended dedicated to the Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta), a server-side technology that takes care of generating XML Sitemaps that are compliant with for websites running on for Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server as well as Apache HTTP Server. Easy to install and highly configurable, the Bing Sitemap Plugin provides an ideal solution for automated Sitemap generation to webmasters and web hosting companies looking to enhance search engine discoverability for web sites running on their servers. 

    You are welcome to provide feedback or ask questions about the Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta) in this section of the Bing Webmaster Forum. Any non-related questions or posts may be either moved or deleted by the moderator. 

    We thanks you in advance for providing feedback (suggestions, comments, bug fixes, ideas and the like) and helping us improve the Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta).  By giving feedback you give Microsoft, without charge, the right to use, share and commercialize that feedback in any way and for any purpose.

    - Bing Webmaster Tools Team

  • yeah!, nice details, i came here from htttp://, after that i search many places for this pluging. Now, just installed it , let us see how it works, if it really works great then it will truly help me a lot.

  • it's very good ideas for search engine..

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  • OK, I downloaded the sitemap plugin but how do I install it on my web server? I use Hostgator nd it runs Apache so it should work, but I don't know how it get's installed.


  • OK, I downloaded the sitemap plugin but how do I install it on my web server? I use a host that uses Apache so it should work, but I don't know how it get's installed. I'm more of an SEO guy so I am not a developer. So please make it simple for me. :)



  • Hello Duane,

    Concerning installation of the plugin. Here are some observations.

    1. Critical issue I encountered.

    Using of WEBPI or WebMatrix.

    You have to use one or the other on your server. You can not use both.

    Reason is how each installs applications under IIS7 and above.

    WebPI installs all sites under InetPub wwwroot and WebMatrix installs all the new sites under Administrator / My Documents / My websites.

    Which ever one you choose as a primary installation method will work fine but you cannot use both because of all the auto configuration which works in the background. Also, deleting sites and switching seems to leave some baggage behind that does not adjust the web.config files settings. After two weeks of having so called professionals trying to fix the problem, I had someone blow out the server and do a complete fresh install. Guess what. The plugin worked perfectly and I should have all of our sites up by the end of the weekend.

    2. What to add to bing?

    I am adding the two sitemaps from the plugin. One sitemapindex.xml (our old sitemap), the rss feed ( is this still needed?) and the comments feed (also, is this this needed?)

    Thanks for your help and thank the Bing and Microsoft teams. I really like they direction and support that Bing webmaster tools going.


  • Thanks for the useful ideas!!!

  • How do you install this in a Apache server with cPanel running on it?

  • Hallo,

    i have a generell Question regarding Webmaster Tools.

    I'm in the Situation to evaluate how to index Videos to Bing, so that they appear in the Videos Section.

    I've read so far about an mRSS Feed Bing would accept for that and on the other hand a video sidemap that could be used for that purpose.

    My problem now ist that i haven't found an detailed howto or explanation how it could be done. I've just read sometimes that it could work and so on but never really heard it works.

    Is there any way one could tell me a solution to my problem?

    I suppose this is not only for my needs and for those out there who don't understand it either, but also for Bing to get more attantion and better use of the search.

    Thank you in advance for getting back to me as quickly as possible.



  • amazing. But I'm using Wordpress. The article I index is very slow, I expect Bing to overcome.

  • Unfortunately many webmasters do not have the access to shared servers that is required to run the Sitemap Plugin.  For a website developer, who's expertise is more toward HTML, CSS, and maybe even PHP and MySQL, asking them to administer on a server is a bit of a stretch.  I consider myself a competent code developer and still decided the effort to install the code on the server did not warrant the return.  I use phpsitemapng and consider that even beyond most website developers.  While it was written using php and no knowledge of php is really required, it still assumes some understanding of file structures.

    Your tool is good for large site developers who have an IT staff to support their efforts.  It even works for the geeks among us.  It is not a tool for the average website developer.

  • nice ,ma be fruitful

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