I recently created 3 new web designs, similar to each other for social networking, blogs, galleries and a kiosk message board system.

I made the dreadful mistake of submitting them to Web of Trust and immediately discovered that Web of Trust has changed radically since the first time I used them.  They (MYWOT forum moderators) immediately defamed my sites for ridiculous reasons and sought to have me expose secure information about the sites which I would not.  Bing/Yahoo now show their horrid link about my site when I search for my site.   Google also shows the MYWOT links.

How do I have these cleared.   I already disavowed them, but I don't know if this removes them from Search Engine Results    They are mallicious and ruin my site's reputation and my reputation. I have reported the issue to the appropriate authorities, but I really need Bing/Yahoo to do the removal of these links from their search indexes.

There are tons of complaints on the web about MYWOT, some of which describe their behavior as extortion, to force people to purchase their download software for > $500 / year.

Here is one examaple URL they publish about one of my three sites.  


If you look at the scorecard, you can see how badly they damage the reputation of the site.  And there is nothing wrong or untrustworthy about this site.  It is brand new and doesn't even have members yet.   Norton SafeWeb has given it an OK.

I was smart enough to get screen-shots of the entire ordeal for the authorities.   The WOT moderators have already demonstrated that they are fully willing and capable of removing and doctoring posts on their forum to promote their side of things.  They once had entered a partnership with FaceBook, but there is stuff on the web that indicates that FaceBook ended the partnership in December 2012, due to MYWOT ethical behaviors.  I can't validate if the material is true or not, because it does not originate from FaceBook.com, but is quoted material. Can't find info to verify if FaceBook and WOT still have a partnership.  But MYWOT definitely is not ethical in their treatment.  They say users rate sites, but in fact, their moderators do it.

I need to have their damaging SERPs removed from Bing/Yahoo and Google's Search Indexes.   I am not the only site owner to be victimized by WOT.

Please Help, if you can.