• February 1 - 5: STEM Week

    In honor of STEM week, Bing is providing a series of exciting lesson plans designed to expose students to potential careers that require a STEM area of study. Career options include an astronaut, inventor and video game creator.

    Follow the links below to the lessons.
  • Available lessons
    • Feb 2: Space exploration and the solar system (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 4: Calling all potential astronauts (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 9: Periodic table of elements (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 11: Multiplication and diplomacy at a pizza party (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 15: Solving real life problems using Faraday’s Law (HS)
    • Feb 16: What would you build using Faraday’s Law? (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 18: Using binary numbers to create a computer program (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 23: Meteorologists rely on polynomials (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 25: Ever thought of creating a computer game? (K-4 & 5-8)
    • Feb 29: Curious about what computer applications that use binary numbers? (HS)
  • All of our lessons can be found at https://aka.ms/binglessons on the Microsoft Educator Community.  Please filter for "Science".
    Bing has answers to essential STEM topics. Check them out!
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