• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bing in the Classroom available for homeschools?
    As noted in our Terms of Service, in order to participate in the program, the Bing user must be a Bing in the Classroom Qualified User with a static IP address. See http://binged.it/BiCToS for complete requirement details.
    To enable us to operationalize this program at a national level we have to ensure that schools can meet these requirements. We understand that many homeschools may have a hard time doing so, particularly meeting the requirement of a static IP. The reason why we have this requirement is so that we can identify your school connection and offer this service consistently to your school, and only your school. This can’t be done with most IP addresses, as they literally change from session to session. We are always considering new implementations and expansions to the program, but please note we are restricted by these requirements at this time. In the meantime, you do still have full access to the daily lesson plans that you can use to help teach digital literacy skills at home at https://education.microsoft.com/findalesson/bingintheclassroom.
  • What are Bing Apps and does ad-free, safer, more private search work on Bing Apps?
    Bing Apps are a fun and easy way for you to dive into a particular topic without having to put any energy in – we do it for you. For example, with our Bing Travel app you can explore over 2000 destinations through beautiful photos and panoramas. Please note, our Bing Apps are not currently covered by the Bing in the Classroom program. Bing Apps may come pre-installed on Windows 8.1 devices, including Surface tablets, but can readily be uninstalled if you wish. As with any apps that may come pre-installed on your computer or device, please feel free to customize to your liking, so you have the apps you want at your fingertips.