• About Bing in the Classroom
    At Bing in the Classroom, we are committed to bringing K-12 students an ad-free, safer, more private search experience, and to helping foster digital literacy skills for success in education, careers, and beyond.
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  • Internet Search: Positive Impact on Student Learning Outcomes - 63% of teachers who use Bing in the Classroom agree that it improves student learning, versus 54%, who uses other search tools. (Sample infographic)
  • IDC white paper
    In a whitepaper (sponsored by Microsoft) titled Searching versus Finding: How Teachers Use Internet Search in K-12 Classrooms, published in February, 2016, IDC research found that:
    • 63% of teachers using Bing in the Classroom believed it results in better learning outcomes
    • 29% of students more likely to avoid distractions while performing Internet search
    • 26% of students more likely to avoid using the Internet for inappropriate class time activities.

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  • Why Bing in the Classroom?
    See why Aiken County Public Schools staff loves Bing in the Classroom and the benefits it brings.
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