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  • Ad-free, safer, and more private search

    At Bing in the Classroom, we believe in giving schools the choice of ad-free search, so teachers have the power to choose a safer, more private online environment for their students. If you are in charge of tech for your district or private school, register for safer search by following the link below—it's free!*

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  • What is the Bing in the Classroom search experience?

    When a district signs up for Bing in the Classroom, we take all the ads out of search results. Then we turn on SafeSearch with strict filtering, to help filter out adult content that doesn't belong in schools. And finally, we add enhanced privacy settings that prevent use of search data for personalized ad profiles. Because students should be able to access the transformative power of search at school without having to worry that their searches will be used for ad profiling.

  • What is 'more private' search?

    In the digital age, privacy is paramount. That's why our enhanced search experience is more private, with no personalized ad profiling.

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