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  • Daily lesson plans for your classroom

    Parents and teachers can take 10 minutes every day with kids to explore the web through a big, beautiful image of the day. Our Bing in the Classroom lesson plans promote digital literacy and critical thinking in fun, short activities that align with the common core and are written by teachers we know and love.

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  • Use Bing with Skype in the Classroom

  • Skype in the Classroom

    Create a classroom without walls. Skype in the Classroom has a directory of experts from around the world waiting to talk to your class about their field. You can also connect with another classroom and use digital literacy skills to try and guess where it is located using the Mystery Skype program.

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  • Access FREE software and tools

  • Microsoft Educator Network

    A global community of educators dedicated to improving student learning worldwide.

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  • Discover the world of education apps

  • Apps transform learning

    There are thousands of education apps in the Windows store to help manage your classroom, customize content and bring learning to life.

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  • Lessons by teachers, for teachers