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    There is nothing more inspiring than the power of community. Parents, teachers, and administrators can band together to support digital literacy in schools. Scroll down to find out how.

  • Are you a parent?

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  • It’s easy. Take five minutes to fill out our registration form and we’ll enroll your district or private school in ad-free search.

  • ​Make it easier for students to use ad-free, safer and more private search by putting the Bing search box on your website and internal portal.

  • Set your default homepages to Bing with Active Directory or Group Policy so that your students can easily access ad-free, safer, more private search.

  • For your district marketing and communications people:

  • ​Send flyers explaining the program. Hang age-specific posters featuring search tips in your class. Create an account and order materials for free!

  • ​Use our marketing rollout timeline as a guide while planning your launch. Check your ideas against a list of ours!

  • Download our PR Toolkit for press release templates, outreach guides, and more.

  • Download and use these banner ads to help promote Bing in the Classroom on your website.

  • Have questions? Check out our FAQs here.