• Bing has answers

    Bing puts the world’s information at your fingertips. Here we have a collection of Bing search features that both students and teachers can utilize for studying and research in and out of the classroom.

  • Math and Economics
    Left your calculator at home? Let Bing crunch your numbers in a bind. Search "calculator" or a math expression and start calculating.
    Multiplication table
    Need help with multiplication?
    Advanced mathematics
    Algebra, Geometry and Calculus on your mind? Use Bing’s graphing functions and polynomial solver.
    Further your exploration of geometry shapes and use the geometry calculator to find formulas for area, perimeter and more.
    Got number theory on the brain? Don’t stop with prime, check out happy numbers and weird numbers too!
    Currency convertor
    How many Russian rubles will you get for a US dollar?  Explore many currency conversions here.
  • Science
    How many miles are in a kilometer? How many ounces are in 3 liters? Just ask Bing.
    Use our number converter to translate Roman numerals to decimals or binary to hexadecimal, and more.
    What’s the atomic mass of Lithium? What is the melting point of Mercury? What is the symbol for Potassium? Use the periodic table on Bing.
    Science constants
    What is the speed of light? What is the value of the Faraday constant? Find science constants on Bing.
    What is the mass of Jupiter? How long does it take Saturn to revolve around the Sun? Consult Bing's Solar System.
    Curious about constellations? Explore the night sky.
  • Reading and Writing
    Spelling and definitions
    How do I spell it and what does it mean? Bing can tell you both. Add "spell" or "define" in front of a term and learn more about it.
    Book search
    Find out where to get a copy of the book you’re looking for, either at your local library or nearby retailer—or see if it's available for free online.
  • History
    Famous speeches
    It’s all about the delivery. Search for important people in history and listen to famous speeches. Find links to the speeches in the snapshot pane on the right hand side of your results page.
    Timeline of events
    See a list of historical moments at a glance when you search for historical figures, cultural icons, and thought leaders.
    This day in history
    What happened on this day in history? What events happened on your birthday? Find out important events on different days in the year.
  • Music
    Guitar tuner
    Get your guitar set to the perfect pitch and have a great time making music.
    Keep that beat! It’s easy to practice with our metronome.
  • Language and Geography
    Forgot your Spanish dictionary? Translate text, webpages, and more in 50 different languages.
    Name that land
    There are seven continents on Earth. Do you know all of them?
  • Research and Tools
    Animal facts
    Discover a broad range of animal information, like lifespan, height, weight, indigenous areas, and more.
    Smart answers
    How long is the Nile River? Which is the tallest building in the world? Bing provides answers to common questions like these.
    Timer and stopwatch
    Have a timed test? Use our timer to stay on track.
    How quickly are you working through your flashcards? Use our stopwatch to find out.
  • Other tools for students and teachers
  • Making a compelling online lesson is as easy as creating a PowerPoint deck.

  • Save any webpage, view it in OneNote, and use it anywhere, on any device.

  • Organize and collaborate efficiently on lessons or assignments in one digital notebook—no paper needed!

  • Collaborate with other classes, find guest speakers, and take virtual field trips—free.