• Out of this world lesson plans

    As the school year is coming to an end, where will your summer plans take you? Here are some space frontier Bing lesson plans to inspire your journey.

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  • Available lessons
    • May 3: Atmospheric pressure (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 5: Human space travel (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 10: Robotics (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 12: Building a computer (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 16: Engineering for harsh conditions (HS)
    • May 17: Space race (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 19: Becoming an astronaut (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 24: Space exploration (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 26: Polynomials and the weather (K-4 & 5-8)
    • May 30: What could happen if we could move the earth? (HS)
    • May 31: Binary numbers (K-4, 5-8 & HS)
  • All of our lessons can be found at https://aka.ms/binglessons.
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  • "As soon as I started using Bing in the Classroom, I noticed my kids being more attentive and focused in class. We all know advertisements can be distracting, and with Bing in the Classroom I don't have to worry about inappropriate content getting in the way of the lesson plan or students’ research."
    – Lynda Shipley, Bremerton School District
  • Internet Search: Positive Impact on Student Learning Outcomes - 63% of teachers who use Bing in the Classroom agree that it improves student learning, versus 54%, who uses other search tools. (Sample infographic)
  • IDC white paper
    In a whitepaper (sponsored by Microsoft) titled Searching versus Finding: How Teachers Use Internet Search in K-12 Classrooms, published in February, 2016, IDC research found that:
    • 63% of teachers using Bing in the Classroom believed it results in better learning outcomes
    • 29% of students more likely to avoid distractions while performing Internet search
    • 26% of students more likely to avoid using the Internet for inappropriate class time activities.

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