• Earth Day - April 22

    In honor of Earth Day, we are celebrating our great planet with a series of inspiring Bing lessons designed to expose students to the many ways we can have a positive impact on the earth.

    Follow the links below to the lessons.
  • Available lessons
    • April 5: Reducing eco-footprints (K-4 & 5-8)
    • April 7: Green roof and its benefits (K-4 & 5-8)
    • April 12: Cob homes (K-4 & 5-8)
    • April 14-15: Green consumer goods (K-4, 5-8 & HS)
    • April 19: Off-grid living and its pros and cons (K-4 & 5-8)
    • April 21: How to go green with minor lifestyle adjustments? (K-4 & 5-8)
    • April 26: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (K-4 & 5-8)
    • April 28-29: Alternative energy sources (K-4, 5-8 & HS)
  • All of our lessons can be found at https://aka.ms/binglessons.
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  • Earth Day scavenger hunt

    Teach online search skills with this fun online scavenger hunt—ready for you to use with your students.

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  • "As soon as I started using Bing in the Classroom, I noticed my kids being more attentive and focused in class. We all know advertisements can be distracting, and with Bing in the Classroom I don't have to worry about inappropriate content getting in the way of the lesson plan or students’ research."
    – Lynda Shipley, Bremerton School District
  • 63% of teachers who use Bing in the Classroom agree that it improves student learning, versus 54%, who uses other search tools. (Sample infographic)
  • IDC white paper
    In a whitepaper (sponsored by Microsoft) titled Searching versus Finding: How Teachers Use Internet Search in K-12 Classrooms, published in February, 2016, IDC research found that:
    • 63% of teachers using Bing in the Classroom believed it results in better learning outcomes
    • 29% of students more likely to avoid distractions while performing Internet search
    • 26% of students more likely to avoid using the Internet for inappropriate class time activities.

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