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Link your app to search results

App linking for Windows and Windows Phone

More discoverable

Get more people to discover and install your app by linking it to search results on Windows and Windows Phone.

Deeper engagement

From search results, users can deep link to content in your app for a richer user experience.

Easy and free

Just follow the simple steps below to link your Windows and Windows Phone app to search results.

How it works

  1. Link your website to your app.

    Go to the Bing webmaster portal and add your app’s Store URL as a connected page.

    You can stop here if you only want apps links for website-level search results. Continue with steps 2, 3 and 4 to add app deep links for relevant webpage-level results.   Learn more.

  2. Markup webpages.
    Add markup to webpages that you want app deep links for. The markup includes your app ID, package family name, and launch arguments.   Learn more.
  3. Enable your app for deep linking.
    Implement deep linking support in your app, use the test tool to test, and submit your app to the Store. Learn more for Windows Runtime apps or Silverlight apps.
  4. Register your app.
    Return to the Bing webmaster portal to register your app for deep linking.   Learn more.
Featured partners who have linked their apps to search results on Windows and Windows Phone.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does app linking change my ranking in search results?
    No, app linking does not change how Bing ranks your site on the search results page.
  2. What is the difference between an app link and an app deep link?
    App links are associated with a relevant website domain (e.g. and show up with website-level search results. When clicked, the app is launched to the home screen. App deep links are associated with a specific webpage (e.g. and show up with relevant webpage-level search results. The app launches to app content related to that webpage.
  3. What types of apps are supported?
    App linking is supported for all Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and 7.1 apps. For Windows Phone 8.0 devices, app deep links for webpage-level results are not supported but app links for website-level results will be available soon.
  4. Can I stop at step 1?
    Yes. Once you finish step 1, your app will show up with relevant website-level search results. You can continue with steps 2, 3, and 4 to add app deep links for webpage-level results.
  5. Does my app need to be in the Store?
    Yes, your app needs to be submitted and approved in the Store before we can approve your app for deep linking.
  6. Is there a way to test if I've updated my app and website correctly?
    Our test tool allows you to do markup verification and test app deep linking. (For Windows Phone runtime apps, the verification tool currently only performs markup verification. Learn more.)
  7. OK, I've completed step 4. When will my app start showing up in search results?
    Once you’ve registered your app for deep linking, we'll need to crawl your website and verify that your app supports deep linking. The verification process will take a few days. The crawling could take more or less time depending on the frequency with which your website is normally crawled. We use many signals to determine this frequency. (If you're only doing step 1, your app should show up within a few days.)
App link for a website (e.g.
App deep link for a webpage (e.g.