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    Building with Bing Maps

    Bing Maps Platform offers a set of APIs to incorporate the latest maps, imagery and location services in your application.


    Interacting with voice

    Get Bing Speech capabilities integrated with your Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.


    Your window to the world

    The Bing Translator Control and Microsoft Translator API receive text and deliver automatic machine translation into a specified language.

    App Linking

    Deep link into your apps

    Link your app to search results on Windows and Windows Phone to boost your app’s discoverability and engagement.

    Search API

    Search by Microsoft​

    The Bing Search API enables developers to embed search results in applications.

    Contextual Awareness

    in Microsoft Cortana

    Cortana interprets semantic data in e-mail messages to track airline flights.

    Knowledge Widget

    Detect & visualize entities

    The Bing Knowledge Widget (Beta) is an easy to deploy, JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that detects and visualizes entities on a webpage.

    App Producer

    For news publishers

    Now anyone can build a news reader app by joining the App Producer program and using our simple web tools. No coding skills required.

    Webmaster API

    Automated access to your data

    The Bing Webmaster API helps developers and site owners automate and track their search performance data and SEO activities.

    Synonyms API

    Alternate entity names

    The Bing Synonyms API returns alternate ways people refer to real world entities like products, people, and locations.

    Ads in Apps SDK

    Monetize your ideas

    Whether you’re developing in HTML or XAML, the Microsoft Advertising SDK has made it easy to insert ads into your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 apps.

    Bing Ads API

    Manage ads on Bing & Yahoo

    The Bing Ads API enables advertisers, agencies, and 3rd parties manage their Ads accounts more effectively.

    Success Stories

    See how market-leaders create innovative apps using Bing services.

    Bing Solutions

    See what else Bing can do to make your business successful.

    About Bing

    Learn more about Bing as a platform.