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Pete Hoekstra: “We need to replace ObamaCare with common sense reforms based on free market principles that provide for affordable and accessible health care for all Americans ... strengthen our middle class. This election is about who we are as Americans.   The Rapidian   -  2 days ago
Back during the 2012 election cycle, there were so many cases of voter fraud ... the poor, the elderly and students, all groups who tend to vote Democratic. When U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Adelman found Wisconsin's GOP-enacted polling place Photo ...   The Brad Blog   -  3 days ago
All three states introduced all-mail locally and its popularity led to its widespread use before it became the standard ballot system. "74% of Colo. voters mailed in their ballots for the 2012 election." For example, before Colorado instituted all-mail ...   Independent Voter Network   -  3 days ago
Women voters cast 53% of all votes, and this election set a gender-gap record (a 20% swing ... That grassroots movement also chalked up six wins for the Senate. But in 2012, with establishment Republicans running top-down campaigns, the House barely ...   The Patriot Post   -  4 days ago
It was an election fraught with problems: election items were misdelivered, about a dozen polling places opened late, and an embattled county clerk struggled to keep it all on track. The 2012 primary was a low point in Hawaii County’s election history ...   Hawaii Tribune-Herald   -  4 days ago
The candidate did not respond to the questionnaire; all information is taken from the Snohomish County ... Our State gives out too much corporate welfare at the expense of everything else. In 2012, our State reported it gave out $20 billion in corporate ...   My Edmonds News   -  4 days ago