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Vice President Joe Biden urged a gathering of civil rights leaders on Thursday to fight back against Republican-led attempts to restrict voting rights, calling the push for voter identification requirements an "attempt to repress minority voting ...   CBS News   -  5 days ago
CINCINNATI (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that more investment in infrastructure and job training is needed to increase economic opportunities in the nation's cities. Biden spoke at the National Urban League conference, where the theme is ...   The Huffington Post   -  5 days ago
But who would benefit most from an Obama impeachment? It wouldn’t be the Republicans. It would be Vice President Joe Biden. If Obama is impeached by the House and removed by the Senate, Biden would become president right when the 2016 presidential race ...   Politico   -  11 hours ago
At an Urban League conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden confided to the audience in a speech that he wishes he had a “Republican kid to go out and make money.” “I should have had one Republican kid to go out and make money ...   Red Alert Politics   -  6 days ago
America’s crazy Uncle Joe Biden is at it again. After admitting that the whole “hope and change” promise hasn’t exactly panned out, our illustrious Vice President commented that he wished he had a Republican kid in the family. In some off-the-cuff ...   Townhall Finance   -  5 days ago
The content of Joe Biden's speech before the nation's largest civil-rights organization on Wednesday sounded a lot like the last one he gave there two years ago. The vice president, just as he did at the NAACP's annual convention in 2012, said that "it's ...   National Journal   -  6 days ago