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On Wednesday Vice President Joe Biden apologized for using the term “Shylock,” which is considered by many to be anti-Semitic. Biden then gave a speech in which he referred to Asia as “the Orient,” another term that is considered to be offensive as ...   -  15 hours ago
Joe Biden might want to ponder a variation on the maxim about wishing he hadn’t left his bed on days that turn out especially badly. He should be wishing he had missed all of last week, which began with an unfortunate Shylock quip, ended with his ...   The Independent   -  1 day ago
Vice President Joe Biden on Friday offered praise at a Democratic National Committee women event for retired Sen. Bob Packwood, who resigned amid multiple sexual harassment allegations. Appearing at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum in Washington, the ...   Politico   -  3 days ago
Vice President Joe Biden said Friday the nation needs to bring young men into the struggle against domestic violence by encouraging them to stand against the crime on college campuses. Biden, speaking at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee's ...   ABC News   -  2 days ago
Only Joe Biden could end up speaking well of an infamous harasser at a women's event. While speaking at the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden (D) praised the bipartisanship of former Sen.   TPM   -  2 days ago
Vice President Joe Biden did not have a good week. Last Tuesday, he used what is often recognized as an anti-Semitic slur to refer to people who gave bad loans to members of the military. On Wednesday, he referred to Asia as the now déclassé “Orient ...   Times Free Press   -  2 hours ago