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This week, New Approach Oregon announced they had turned in enough signatures to qualify a legalization initiative for the November ballot. Here’s the ten most important things you need to know. OREGON IS WASTING MONEY: The state issued 12,808 citations ...   San Francisco Gate   -  1 day ago
The Rand Corp. will be in Vermont next week to study marijuana legalization’s potential effects in Vermont. The study will look at how marijuana legalization would affect Vermont’s economy, individual health, and public safety. The study will involve ...   The Weed Blog   -  20 hours ago
The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington was a boon to stoners everywhere – if they weren’t taking pilgrimages to the new Pot Promised Land, they were reveling in the fact that each state victory on the marijuana front is potentially ...   Beauregard Daily News   -  1 hour ago
This week the President of the Chilean Senate, Isabelle Allende Bussi, introduced a motion to change Chile’s marijuana laws to allow personal possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana. Other Chilean Senators that support the motion are Fulvio Rossi ...   The Weed Blog   -  1 hour ago
Three or four nights a week in San Francisco, a group of people shuffle into an anonymous meeting hall. The bitter scent of freshly stamped-out cigarettes follows them inside where, sitting on function-hall furniture with cups of cheap coffee in hand, they ...   San Francisco Weekly   -  2 days ago
Ladybud Admin / Events, Law, News & Editorial / 420, activism, black market, cannabis, drug war, federal cannabis law, federal cannabis policy, federal legalization, federal marijuana law, federal marijuana policy, federal medical cannabis, federal medical ...   Ladybud   -  5 hours ago