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ROMNEY IN 2016? — Mitt Romney, native of Michigan and former governor of Massachusetts, has been an active candidate for the Republican nomination for president twice so far. In 2008, he failed in his bid, and Sen. John McCain (with Gov. Sarah Palin for ...   -  2 hours ago
The preliminary report attaches data to an issue that drew attention during the 2012 presidential campaign, when Republican nominee Mitt Romney reported an IRA worth $20 million to $102 million. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden said many of ...   Investment News   -  1 hour ago
Richard Nixon lost the presidency in 1960, was pilloried in his own party for losing to so inexperienced an opponent as John F. Kennedy and eight years later was elected to the White House. Ronald Reagan tried twice, in 1968 and 1976, and didn’t win the ...   Hattiesburg American   -  21 hours ago
The idea that Mitt Romney will wage a third presidential campaign in 2016 just won't die. And it's being sustained by stories like today's in Politico magazine, titled "Third Time's the Charm." This will continue for three basic reasons: 1) He's staying ...   Washington Post   -  5 days ago
Mitt Romney is leaving the door open to a third run for president if no suitable Republican enters the race, according to one of his key supporters, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah. “If we get to this time next year and people are still talking about Mitt ...   Deseret News   -  3 days ago
Not just any Wall Street big shot, either. It’s Charles Scaramucci, finance committee co-chair for Romney’s 2012 campaign. Even if he’s exaggerating where Mitt is right now on making a decision, this means at the very least that members of his inner ...   HotAir   -  1 day ago
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