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Mitt Romney is hitting the campaign trail again, and though he’ll actually be stumping for an Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, there is growing chatter that Mitt might once again make a run at the White House. Romney announced this week that he and New ...   The Inquisitr   -  6 days ago
Back in March, when Vladimir Putin's Russia was rearing its increasingly antagonistic head, supporters of Mitt Romney saw a measure of vindication. Russia, it seemed, had become the United States' No. 1 geopolitical foe -- the same distinction Romney ...   Washington Post   -  11 days ago
In the 2012 election, campaign advisors believed that Mitt Romney’s business experience would have worked in the GOP’s favor. However, even members of his own party used that against him in the primaries, with Newt Gingrich saying that Romney’s Bain ...   Ring of Fire   -  9 hours ago
A Tennessee man who police say threatened to kill President Obama, Mitt Romney, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other officials was arrested Saturday and is due to appear in court later this week. Authorities arrested Jimmie Randall Johnson Jr., 45 ...   Washington Post   -  3 days ago
Mitt Romney wanted to take over Barack Obama's position with economic arguments. But his own mistakes, fickleness in many issues and vying for the votes of the ultraconservatives in his party weakened his position. USA / Romney / Republikaner Mitt Romney ...   Deutsche Welle   -  3 days ago
Mitt Romney may have lost his presidential bid in 2012, but now his campaign manager will get to teach budding GW politicos what he’s learned from the defeat. Matt Rhoades, the campaign manager during Romney’s presidential run in 2012, will be one of ...   The GW Hatchet   -  2 days ago