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No, Mitt Romney isn't going to run for president again -- for the third time! -- in 2016. That's according to almost every Romney source I've talked to over the past year or so. “Mitt won’t run," one Romney insider told me today. "But that won’t ...   Washington Post   -  4 days ago
The most likely Republican presidential candidate for 2016 is . . . Mitt Romney? The former Massachusetts governor has run and lost two bids for the White House — in the 2008 Republican primaries and again in the 2012 general election. What’s more, he ...   New York Post   -  2 days ago
President Barack Obama's mistakes enabled the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) and created the immigration crisis at the country's southern border, his 2012 opponent, Mitt Romney, said Sunday in a roundtable radio discussion hosted by John Catsimatidis.   News Max   -  18 hours ago
Mitt Romney could run again in 2016 if certain Republicans have their way, and according to recent polling that shows he’d win a do-over, it might not be such a bad idea. This was the logic that Reihan Salam adopted in his recent piece for Slate ...   The Inquisitr   -  2 days ago
They rejected him in 2008 and 2012, but Iowa Republican caucus-goers may finally be ready to embrace Mitt Romney as their presidential nominee. According to a new USA Today/ Suffolk University poll, 35 percent of registered Republicans and Republican ...   CBS News   -  4 days ago
But today brings an even click-worthier story: The day after Mitt Romney opened the door to another possible presidential run, a new poll shows he has a huge lead among likely 2016 Iowa Republican caucus voters. According to a USA Today/Suffolk University ...   Slate   -  4 days ago