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There were several reports this month, based on former and current aides, that Mitt Romney is actively weighing another presidential run. The biggest sign yet comes from a recent interview with The New York Times, where the former 2012 Republican nominee ...   The Huffington Post   -  20 hours ago
Not the first time lately that Ryan’s swooned at the thought of another Romney candidacy. In August he said he was so gung-ho for Romney 3.0 or 8.0 or whichever version we’re on now that he’d drive Mitt’s campaign bus if need be. But saying it two ...   HotAir   -  21 minutes ago
Byron York, The Washington Examiner: "Is Mitt Romney ... really thinking about running yet again for president in 2016? Many Republicans have simply assumed not. Romney has seemed to discourage such talk in media appearances. (But) that belief is wrong.   USA Today   -  20 hours ago
Okay, so maybe this isn’t shocking news to hear. But a former Mitt Romney ad guru has made little reminders like this the centerpiece of a strange new social media campaign aimed at softening the public image of his Republican Party. The campaign is ...   FOX News   -  47 minutes ago
Mitt Romney explains his 47 percent remark, Take 23. During a recent sit-down with the New York Times' Mark Leibovich, the former GOP presidential nominee—who seems to be almost flirting with the possibility that he just might consider pondering a ...   Mother Jones   -  19 hours ago
ATLANTA (AP) — Mitt Romney is raising money and support for two key Republicans on the ballot in Georgia this year. The former GOP presidential candidate attended a Wednesday fundraiser in Atlanta for Senate candidate David Perdue before heading to a ...   Marietta Daily Journal   -  7 minutes ago