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Every year or so Paul Ryan comes up with a glossy new plan to deal with poverty or spending on social programs. The plans never go anywhere, but they’re not really intended to: They’re designed to make the Republican Party (and Mr. Ryan himself) appear ...   Taking Note   -  1 day ago
Like Marco Rubio—who, earlier this year, put forward a much-criticized “anti-poverty plan”—Paul Ryan doesn’t like poverty, either. (And neither does Rand Paul, as explained in a Wall Street Journal analysis of Ryan’s, Rubio’s, and Paul’s ...   The Nation   -  1 hour ago
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) held a press call this morning to talk about his anti-poverty program, which he rolled out yesterday. He outlined the basic components, including the Opportunity Grant, which aims not to save money but to let states customize ...   Washington Post   -  5 hours ago
WASHINGTON – House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) won key backing for his new proposal to overhaul anti-poverty programs when Rep. Scott Rigell (R., Va.) offered his endorsement. Mr. Rigell was first elected in the 2010 wave that ...   The Wall Street Journal   -  2 hours ago
Paul Ryan’s fellow Republicans are quick to dismiss Elizabeth Warren as too radical, too progressive, too populist. But Ryan is trying—a bit clumsily, but trying all the same—to borrow a page from the Massachusetts senator as he seeks to remake ...   The Nation   -  2 hours ago
Washington (CNN) – Rep. Paul Ryan spelled out his plan Thursday to fight poverty, a pilot program that would combine 11 federal programs into one pool of money for participating states. According to the plan, which the Wisconsin Republican detailed at ...   CNN Politics   -  23 hours ago