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President Barack Obama is considering key changes in the nation's immigration system requested by tech, industry and powerful interest groups, in a move that could blunt Republicans' election-year criticism of the president's go-it-alone approach to ...   Denver Channel ABC News   -  7 minutes ago
President Barack Obama has come out strongly against corporations moving their addresses overseas in an attempt to pay lower taxes – while several of his own donors saved money by employing this very tactic, known as “inversion.” Yet, ABC ...   News Busters   -  1 hour ago
WASHINGTON • With his speech on Wednesday condemning the Islamic State in newly stark, determined language, President Barack Obama now needs to step up his military campaign in equally dramatic fashion. That does not — and should not — mean sending ...   Salt Lake Tribune   -  16 minutes ago
Barack Obama’s statement on the beheading of James Foley got mixed reviews yesterday, but perhaps tellingly not on MSNBC’s Hardball. Neither Chris Matthews nor Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman appeared too impressed with the anodyne reference to ...   HotAir   -  2 hours ago
“We tortured some folks” after 9/11, President Barack Obama told reporters during an August 1 news conference. “We did some things that were contrary to our values.” Those few words reopened the debate on the enhanced interrogation methods used by ...   Wall St. Cheat Sheet   -  3 hours ago
As readers of this column know, I tend to favor the political and policy positions put forth by President Barack Obama and his administration. That is not to say that, in the effort to provide an honest accounting of my opinions on the issues of the day ...   Forbes   -  19 minutes ago