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  • Bing Health & Fitness app

    The one-stop spot for a healthier you, combining over 1,000 exercise and workout videos, a nutritional and medical reference, and trackers for diet, exercise and health to help you meet your wellness goals.

  • Bing Health & Fitness for Windows Phone

    Follow workouts, track diets, and check symptoms, all on the go. Track your runs, log your meals, and automatically sync the information across all of your devices.

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  • Check symptoms, get information

    Enter your symptoms to get a list of related conditions. Read descriptions of the conditions, as well as related treatment procedures and drugs.

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  • Exercises and workouts for you

    Step-by-step instructions and videos for 1,000+ exercises and workouts designed for home use, with or without equipment, for all fitness levels. Includes yoga and pilates.

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  • Keep a food journal

    Monitor your daily meals with the Diet Tracker. View progress reports. Compare foods to make more informed decisions. Learn about diet programs from Atkins to Zone.

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  • Learn about human anatomy

    3D Body Maps enable users to explore the human body, visually discovering how systems work independently and together.

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  • Find nutritional data

    Learn about nutrients, including what they do for the body and where they can be found. Get detailed nutritional information and exercise equivalencies for 330,000 foods.

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  • Get a holistic view

    Import medical records and personal tracking data (from devices like blood glucose monitors, scales and FitBits) via a secure Microsoft HealthVault sync.

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