• Mark Ronson, Music Producer
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  • Getting the right energy can make the hairs stick up on your arm
    Hear why collaboration is the secret to how Mark created songs like Uptown Funk.
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  • Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Founder
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  • How can you preserve a culture of giving and grow your business?

    TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie talks to college students about the One for One Giving model. Could it expand beyond TOMS? Will cars be next?

  • Albert Manero, Prosthetic Limb Engineer
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  • Bring your imagination to life with 3D printing, and use science to help people

    Albert's 3D printers are creating arms for kids that need them. See what might be next.

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  • Dan Pallotta, Philanthropist
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  • How can a little ice cream inspire future philanthropists?

    Charity defender Dan Pallotta gives advice to students in the UCLA TOMS club.

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  • Inspire your students to give back

    Skype in the Classroom is connecting kids around the world with TOMS Giving Partners and Marketplace brands to encourage the spirit of learning and giving.

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  • Pico Iyer, Global Author
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  • Pico believes stillness can help your writing

    Discover the art of finding time to "unplug" and enjoy 15 minutes of stillness every day. Teenagers included!

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  • Chris Burkard, Surf Photographer
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  • How does the moon influence Chris’s art?

    Surf photgrapher Chris Burkard talks to fourth and fifth graders about photography and exploration.

  • Pamela Ronald, Plant Geneticist
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  • What do fifth graders have in common with the farmers in Bagladesh?

    Learn about how plant genetics can change farming, and whether Pamela's genes can stretch to the moon and back!

  • Jason Padgett, Geometric Artist
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  • Jason sees math everywhere – in circles, arcs, and even sports!

    Can math be a point of leverage on the basketball court? A savant says yes.

  • Wade Davis, Anthropologist
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  • Why is diversity so important?

    Wade Davis talks to 3rd graders in New York.

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  • Chip Kidd, Graphic Designer
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  • What's the magic formula for successful writers?

    And can you really judge a book by its cover? Check out some advice from writer and graphic designer, Chip Kidd.

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  • Michael Green, Green Architect
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  • Wood skyscrapers help fight climate change. But how do we regulate deforestation?

    Green architect Michael Green talks to college students at Bowling Green State University.

  • Sylvia Earle, Ocean Researcher
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  • Could tiny submarines help solve the mysteries on the bottom of the ocean?

    Ocean researcher Sylvia Earle talks with 3rd and 4th graders in New York.