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  • We're listening

    No, really, we are. We love your feedback, and every day we use it to improve Bing. And the more of it you send, the better. Love what we're doing—or not so much—we want to know.

  • Your feedback improves Bing

    One example of how your feedback has changed Bing is the option to download the homepage image. Users gave us that feedback, and in 2012, we added it as a feature.

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  • Click. Type. Send. Done.

    There's a feedback link on almost every page—in the footer or the lower-right corner. Like or dislike something? Have a suggestion? Not what you expected? Let us know!

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  • Join the conversation

    Get insider info about Bing, share ideas, and vote for your favorites when you go to Bing Listens.

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  • Tips for writing feedback

    All feedback helps, but for us, the most helpful is feedback that's specifically about Bing. And remember, don't include personal info like your name or email address.

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