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  • Wimbledon

    Prediction accuracy: 71 percent, picked men’s and women’s singles champions

  • Women’s World Cup

    Prediction accuracy: 75% in knockout rounds (includes England over hosts Canada & Norway)

  • 2015 NBA Playoffs

    Prediction accuracy: 61.7%, picked Golden State to win title before playoffs started

  • 2015 NFL Draft

    Prediction accuracy: 5 of the top 11 overall picks, and the top QB, WR, RB, CB, OT, and TE selected

  • March Madness

    Prediction accuracy: 73 percent

  • American Idol

    Prediction accuracy: 90 percent

  • Dancing with the Stars

    Prediction accuracy: 95 percent

  • The Voice

    Prediction accuracy: 85 percent

  • Academy Awards

    Prediction accuracy: 84 percent

  • Golden Globe Awards

    Prediction accuracy: 83 percent

  • Grammy Awards

    Prediction accuracy: 75 percent (top 4 categories)

  • 2014 Elections

    Prediction accuracy: 97 percent (Senate), 96 percent (House), and 89 percent (governors)

  • 2014 NFL Season

    Prediction accuracy: 67 percent, picked New England Patriots to win it all in mid-December

  • Cricket World Cup

    Prediction accuracy: 85 percent

  • English Premier League

    Performance accuracy: 51 percent (predicting win/loss/tie)