• Look ahead with Bing

    Bing uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming events, like sports games, reality TV shows, and more.

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  • Behind the predictions

    Bing Predicts was created to show that trending searches and social media topics—and the public sentiment towards those topics—improves predictive analytics. Bing applies machine-learning web data to make informed predictions about various events.

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  • Entertainment
    For reality TV shows like “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars”—and for award shows like the Emmys and Academy Awards—web and social signals highly correlate with viewer and academy member voting patterns. Bing taps into these signals and other historical and social data to predict show winners.

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  • Sports
    Predicting events like the NFL season and World Cup requires evaluating player and team stats, tournament trends and game history, and game location. By adding the “wisdom of the crowd” to this statistical model, Bing Predicts has an advantage over prediction and gambling markets.

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  • Politics
    Many voters use the web to research current candidates and issues. Bing Predicts uses this anonymized and aggregated data, as well as demographics, poll stats, and historical voting patterns to determine which candidate is in the lead, and where the public stands on political issues.

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  • Business predictions

    The data and technology that power our political, entertainment, and sports predictions can now be used by Microsoft enterprise customers. With Microsoft AI Business Solutions, companies can improve demand forecasting, gain greater insights on ad campaigns, and determine public impression on their consumer products.

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  • See how we're doing
  • NASCAR 2016

    Prediction accuracy: 9 drivers ahead of Vegas odds

  • 'American Idol' Season 15

    Prediction accuracy: 80%

  • March Madness 2016

    Prediction accuracy: 63.5 percent (top third of entries nationally)

  • Women’s World Cup

    Prediction accuracy: 75% in knockout rounds