• Bing Rewards for mobile
    With Bing Rewards, you can earn credits simply for searching—even when you're mobile. Redeem credits for popular gift cards and to enter exclusive sweepstakes for great prizes.
    Download the app on Windows Phone, iOS or Android today and start earning now.
  • Search and earn on the go

    On a PC, tablet, or phone, it's easy for you to get rewards. Tracking your credits is simple: just go to your Bing Rewards dashboard on your mobile app or desktop.

  • Redeeming

    When you’re ready, go to the Bing Rewards redemption center on your PC or in your Bing Rewards mobile app to redeem credits for a selection of great rewards.

  • Search and earn every day

    Get great search results and beautiful images—and never miss an opportunity to earn credits when you set your search engine to Bing.