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  • More than Search

    By showing social content on the search page, Bing gives you more than just a search box and a list of links. You get a human perspective, expert answers, and a comprehensive point of view that you won't see elsewhere.

    Connect to Facebook >

    Don't worry. Bing won't share your searches automatically to Facebook.

  • How has it improved?

    We've learned a lot about how Bing users want to see social content appear in their search results. Based on this, we've brought Bing Snapshot data together with social results from friends and online influencers all onto one search page.

  • How can I use it?

    You will see social content from influencers and public figures without having to connect with any of your social accounts. However, if you connect to Facebook, Bing will show you a list of your friends and their posts about the topic you're searching on.

  • What about privacy?
    On Bing, your Facebook privacy settings are always respected. We won't post anything automatically to Facebook – you are in control in what you post and share. To control what information is available to Bing, simply go to your Facebook app settings.