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  • Get help with your taxes

    Search on Bing to find the forms you need. From search results, you can download PDF forms and instructions, go to sites like Wikipedia to learn more, and see related searches for a form.

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  • ​Search for "IRS Dirty Dozen" to learn about this year’s list of tax scams to avoid. Find out how to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.​

  • No junk

    ​Security is a priority for Bing. We're always looking for ways to help make sure you don't get junk or malware in search results and ads.​

  • ​You can search the IRS website right on Bing. Just add "" to your search.​

  • Watch and learn

    Visit the IRS YouTube channel to find tax how-to videos in English, ASL, and Spanish. Individuals, businesses, and even tax pros can get info to make the filing process easier.

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  • A little tax humor

    Gathering statements, filling out forms, finding out if you owe or not—the seemingly endless to-do list makes tax season stressful. We suggest battling the stress with some humor.

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  • Maximize your refund

    Explore tax-related articles from top financial sources in the MSN Money app. Get access to news, analysis and market data, track investments, and take advantage of a full suite of tools and calculators MSN Money has to offer.

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