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  • Communicate with the world

    Whether you're a world traveler, an app developer, or just need to translate something on the fly, Bing Translator can help you conquer the language barrier. Translate more than 45 languages from any PC or mobile device.

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  • Translate instantly

    Travel the world with confidence. It's easy: type, speak, or point your device toward what you want to translate. Instant, real-time translation at your fingertips.

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  • Speak multiple languages

    Want to order that interesting dish on the menu? Speak into the Bing Translator app and let it do the talking for you—in a native speaker's accent, of course.

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  • Translate anytime, anywhere

    Download free language packs for your Windows device and translate offline to save on data charges.

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  • For developers and webmasters

    Bing Translator Control provides a powerful set of web service APIs that you can use to power applications, services, or websites.

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