• Need a DIY toolkit?

    Got a bathroom? Got a dream? Now you just need your dream bathroom. Before you hitch up your toolbelt and tile cutter, master a few tools right here.

  • Define your terms

    Like what's DIY?! Some are plain enough: backerboard, substrate, field and accent tile. But some of these terms just don't belong. They sound more like things your dentist uses than accent tiles. Like, what's a dentil, and, oh gee! What's ogee?

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  • Do you speak metric?

    It figures. You fell for the sleek Euro model. They claim this is a 4-inch tile, but it's really 100 millimeters. So how wide or narrow will your grout lines end up being? Sounds like one of those word problems that drove you nuts in math class. But really, it's just a simple little conversion:

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  • What's it going to cost you?

    You've fallen in love with that metric tile and you know how much wall you want to cover. Time for those math skills again to check the bottom line: 92 square feet + 10% extra x $6.45 per square foot Drum roll...

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