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  • Play ball!

    Ready to cheer on your favorite team? MLB’s season opener is Sunday, April 5th. Find rosters, trade info, and more on Bing.

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  • Happy hunting

    Easter is near. These decorating ideas will make your soon-to-be-hidden eggs worth finding.

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  • Passover recipes

    Build your Seder menu with everything from traditional recipes to modern variations.

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  • Find a doctor

    Get info at a glance—specialties, experience, reviews, and more.

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  • Build your bracket

    Make your March Madness bracket a winner with an assist from Bing Predicts.

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  • Pioneering women

    Take a photo tour of trailblazing women who made a difference.

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  • Celebrating literacy

    Oh, the places you’ll go with a good book.

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  • Tax time

    Get the forms and advice you need to get your taxes prepared quickly and easily.

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  • Oscar winners

    Missed the Oscars? See who took home the hardware.

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  • Songs of love

    Search love songs to get the type of romantic tunes you’re looking for.

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  • Grammy winners

    See who took home Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and more.

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  • Bing Listens

    Share and vote for your favorite ideas. Plus, get insider info about Bing.

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  • Bing in the Classroom

    Support digital literacy with ad-free search, free Surfaces, and lesson plans.

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  • Search History

    Clear searches or find them again—just click the gear icon on any page.

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  • We love your feedback

    Click Feedback in the lower-right corner on almost every Bing page.

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  • Bing on the road

    Bing is designed to work beautifully across all your devices.

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  • Bing Homepage Gallery

    Explore breathtaking images and download all your favorites.

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  • Bing Desktop

    Get the beauty of the Bing homepage on your PC desktop every day.

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  • Translate

    Bing can translate text, webpages, and more in 45 languages.

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