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    • Plagiarism Check For Teachers - Detect Plagiarism Instantly

      AdCatch plagiarism from the web and academic databases. Get your report now.

      Fix punctuation errors · Easily Improve Any Text · Eliminate Grammar Errors · Improve word choice

    • Know Your Resistance Risk - Take A Resistance Quiz

      AdRead About An HIV Treatment & If You're At Risk For Medication Resistance.

    • OnStar Business Solutions™ | OnStar Safety & Security

      AdProtected, Connected & Informed. Supporting the Unique Needs of Businesses & Fleets. Meaningful Insights & Actionable Data to Maximize ROI & Protect Your People & Property.

      Turn-By-Turn Navigation · Vehicle Crash Detection · Crisis Assist · Stolen Vehicle Assistance

      Types: Roadside Assistance, Mobile Crash Response, Family Location Status