PreFlight Airport Parking

44 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 267-0166


  • Mon - Sun24 hours


PreFlight Airport Parking is the smart alternative to airport parking. PreFlight Airport Parking helps take the hassle out of travel by providing: Convenience: Our baggage-friendly coach takes you directly to and from your car - no long walks to a bus stop or terminal. The driver will even wait to Moremake sure your car starts and you're on your way home. Speed: we direct you to a space - no time wasted searching. Coach service every five minutes. Our Credit Card Express Lane offers a quick payment option to save our customers more time. Security: staffed 24/7, controlled access, perimeter security, lights, cameras. For added peace of mind at night and convenience in inclement weather, simply turn on your flashers and wait comfortably in your car for the coach driver to pick you up.



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