Sorabol Korean Restaurant

Location closed
10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067 · Westside
(310) 277-3772 · Korean
At: Westfield Century City (Level 2)


Sorabol's first grand opening in 1979 marked a historical event in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sorabol was the first restaurant to introduce authentic Korean cuisine in Northern California. The restaurant was named after the capital of the Shilla Dynasty (B.C. 57 - A.D. 935). The modern-day city, because of Moreits rich collection of ancient history and arts in Korea, is known as the "museum without walls".

Good for

Barbecue · Noodles




  • Aug 30, 2011 · by Shaine E. from FoursquareGet the red sauce! The spicy/sweet amazing gooeyness somewhat resembles blood, but tastes like little elves massaging your taste buds but some of the elves have rough hands so it burns, but nicely. Full tip