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Add your transit data to Bing Maps

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Major transit authorities around the world have their data on Bing Maps. For the complete list of coverage, please visit http://www.bing.com/maps/transit.

If you would like to provide your data to Bing maps, we welcome your participation – it’s simple and free.


1) Generate your data according to the
    General Transit Feed Specification

2) Validate with the GTFS Feed Validator

3) Zip the files and name the resulting file

4) Host the feed on a web server for Bing Maps to fetch

5) Click the button below to contact the Bing Maps transit team
    to sign-up for partnership

Contact Bing Transit

Host a Feed

Please follow these guidelines when hosting your GTFS feed.

  • Place the feed in a directory that will always keep the same name, for example, http://myserver.agency.com/current/gtfs.zip.
  • Enable directory listing on the directory where you host the feed file. The feed should be the only file in the directory.
  • Your IT/Networking teams should know that Bing periodically fetches transit feed data from the location that you specify, so that they do not change file permissions for your feed or otherwise block or break the data fetching process.