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Newegg.com (USA)

Rating: 47,915 reviews from 5 sources


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Called in for guidance on how to process my rebate forms being my first time building my own pc, and had some issues with fulfilling them thoughRead full review


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Ordered a cord for my laptop : Ordered a cord for my laptop, after a week they informed me that they did not have the one I ordered and asked if I wanted aRead full review


Selected Review of 99 Reviews

New Egg has saved me a great deal of money and time. It's also helped me find just the right things I need without the hassle of having to comb through siteRead full review


Selected Review of 12 Reviews

Newegg is a good store but if I order an item that comes with a company rebate, I usually run into problems. No more sending out rebates for me, onlyRead full review


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If you live in Europe, Sorry but newegg only ships to the U.S. I used newegg for the first computer I ever built, and I still use it today. They have a lot ofRead full review