Persona 5 will be released on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this year, however it seems like Persona 5 won't be released on PC. According to reports, Sony is going to launch Persona 5 this coming September 15 at the … · 2 hours ago
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(Photo : Official Mortal Kombat X website) Good news gaming fans as new updates for "Mortal Kombat X" have been revealed regarding possible new characters for the "Kombat Pack 2" and a launch date of PS3 version … · 8/24/2015
Kombat Pack
A week after announcing the European release date, Sony has confirmed that the “new, updated version” of SingStar will release for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 28 in North America. Available as a free digital download through the Play ...
PlayStation LifeStyle · 9/23/2014
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4J Studios has previously announced that Minecraft PS3 release date will be set ahead of the launch of the TU14 patch for the Xbox 360 Edition of the game. Like Us on Facebook Those who are eagerly waiting for Minecraft PS3 release date should know …
KpopStarz · 12/8/2013
Is a Skyrim DLC PS3 release date on the way? We're still holding out hope that Dragonborn will hit PlayStation by the end of January, and now we're hearing rumors that all three Skyrim downloadable content could arrive on the PS3 in the next few weeks!
International Digital Times · 1/13/2013
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Mortal Kombat X have been delayed until summer 2015. Despite the delay, the current-generation versions of the hotly anticipated beat-’em-up will still ...
PlayStation Universe · 3/13/2015
The fifth main title to the "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona" series, "Persona 5," has no specific release date but is set to come out on 2015 in Japan and in North America. Furthermore, the title will only come out on the PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4.
The Christian Post · 9/6/2014
While Bandai Namco Games has yet to announce the official release date of 'Tekken 7', the company has confirmed that it will release the ninth installment of this widely popular series on the PlayStation 4 first. As it stands, some speculate that the game ...
Breathe Cast · 9/8/2014
"MLB 14 The Show" is just days away from being released on the next-gen PlayStation 4 game console (May 6) but some early reviews of the PS3 version have provided us with a glimpse into what to expect moving forward. While the game does not seem …
The Latin Post · 4/28/2014
Katsura Hashino has commented on the latest announcements in regards to the upcoming role-playing game, "Persona 5." According to a report from Siliconera on Sept. 1, the series director first talked about the setting of the sequel. He re-confirmed a ...
Examiner · 9/4/2014