Atlus still hasn't revealed the release date for 'Persona 5' back in E3 2015, however there are those to believe that the release date for 'Persona 5' will be unveiled this coming 'D23 Expo' in Japan; and some speculated of … · 7/20/2015
A week after announcing the European release date, Sony has confirmed that the “new, updated version” of SingStar will release for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 28 in North America. Available as a free digital download through the Play ...
PlayStation LifeStyle · 9/23/2014
The fifth main title to the "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona" series, "Persona 5," has no specific release date but is set to come out on 2015 in Japan and in North America. Furthermore, the title will only come out on the PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4.
The Christian Post · 9/6/2014
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Is a Skyrim DLC PS3 release date on the way? We're still holding out hope that Dragonborn will hit PlayStation by the end of January, and now we're hearing rumors that all three Skyrim downloadable content could arrive on the PS3 in the next few weeks!
International Digital Times · 1/13/2013
Persona 4 really is coming to PlayStation 3, publisher Atlus USA has confirmed, with launch just days away. The classic and much-praised RPG will release via the North American PSN as a PS2 classic playable on PS3, Atlus confirmed. Expect it on April …
VG247 · ByBrenna Hillier · 4/4/2014
The UK will get a new shiny white PlayStation 3 console on June 29th, which will come packed with a 320Gb hard drive, two white DualShock controllers and a subscription to PlayStation Plus for the duration of 90 days. Gamestop was originally announced …
PlayStation Universe · 6/22/2012
Expectations for the upcoming Persona 5 have now become higher after the release of its trailer for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Sources say the game may be released this year in Japan as well as in North America. The new trailer was posted … · 3/1/2015
The Sony PlayStation has formally announced the Resogun PS3 release date. In the report of the Franchise Herald, the Resogun PS3 release date is set on December 23 along with the PS Vita version of the game. Like Us on Facebook According to the …
KpopStarz · 12/12/2014
While Bandai Namco Games has yet to announce the official release date of 'Tekken 7', the company has confirmed that it will release the ninth installment of this widely popular series on the PlayStation 4 first. As it stands, some speculate that the game ...
Breathe Cast · 9/8/2014
Just a couple of days ago, we got to see the Mass Effect Trilogy's box art up close. Now we've finally got a release date for the PlayStation 3. The Mass Effect trilogy will release on PlayStation 3 on December 4th. This is about a month after Xbox 360 and ...
Gameranx · 11/1/2012