Stephen Hawking is 73 years old and increasingly weakened by the ravages of motor neuron disease. But the famous physicist shows scant signs of slowing down on any front—as celebrity scientist, jobbing …
Wall Street Journal · 2 hours ago
When we think of major figures in the history of science, many names come to mind. Einstein, Newton, Kepler, Galileo – all great theorists and thinkers who left an indelible mark during their lifetime. In many cases, the …
Universe Today · 11/23/2015
Stephen Hawking
Less speculatively, but with more profound impact, Stephen Hawking, a physicist (pictured, with a quasar), and Roger Penrose, a mathematician, showed that relativistic descriptions of the singularities in black holes could …
The Economist online · 2 hours ago
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Anyone who slacked off in college could moreover be comforted to read Stephen Hawking’s admission that, by his calculations, he did about an hour of toil a day in his three undergraduate years of time of time at the …
Las Vegas NV Blog · 1 day ago
Brief History
So why is Einstein the world's most famous and most quoted (and misquoted) scientist -- far ahead of Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawking -- as well as a universal byword for genius? Einstein's fame is indeed puzzling. · 1 hour ago
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Why you should see it: After his Oscar-winning turn as Stephen Hawking, Eddie Redmayne returns as a character trapped in the wrong body. As Lili Elbe (1882-1931), a transgender woman who was born male as Einar …
San Francisco Gate · 1 day ago
The big mascot news over the past year has been in the NFL, as Washington fights to maintain its registrations for the REDSKINS mark. As that dispute continues, the University of North Dakota tried to put to rest its … · 1 day ago
North Dakota
Last year even famed British physicist Stephen Hawking contradicts his own theory and says that Black Holes in the real sense do not actually exist. The Guardian According to scientists a black hole is formed when a …
IndiaTimes · 10 hours ago
Black Holes
To suggest that quantum mechanics and gravity are on the verge of being reconciled would be, to the physics world at least, as significant as the discover of splitting the atom. While splitting the atom might have led to …
Lifeboat · 1 day ago
Quantum Mechanics
Lesley said: “It was insane. He’s a proper rocker but we got on so well.” Jim Carey and Stephen Hawking is an unlikely friendship but it works Stephen, 73, loved actor Jim’s wild turn in The Cable Guy and they …
Mirror · 3 hours ago
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