Now you can watch as well as listen as world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking expounds upon his latest ideas about the knotty black hole information paradox, playfully illustrated by chalkboard artist Andrew Park.
Gizmodo · 5 hours ago
Famed physicist Stephen Hawking has put forth the argument for an unlikely power source. During a live lecture he gave recently on BBC Radio 4, he stated, "A mountain-sized black hole would give off X-rays and …
AOL · 7 hours ago
Quick, what's the best way to provide an alternative source of energy for the Earth? If you answered, "Get a mini black hole to orbit Earth," then you and physicist Stephen Hawking may be thinking on the same …
Dhaka Tribune · 4 hours ago
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On February 2nd, physicist Stephen Hawking suggested in a lecture that all of Earth's power needs could be provided by harnessing a mini black hole. Of course, we will first need to prove that they exist. Finding of these mini black holes, and then towing ...
ALLMEDIANY · 54 minutes ago
It is not far off to say that Stephen Hawking is amongst the most brilliant minds alive today. The theoretical physicist, who is plagued by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS, has contributed a lot in the field of science including the theoretical ... · 2 hours ago
Stephen Hawking
This past summer, many of the titans of technology, including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Steve Wozniak, signed onto a letter calling for a ban on the application of artificial intelligence to advanced weapons …
Nextgov · 1 day ago
Just in case you hadn't gotten the message last time, Stephen Hawking thinks you should know we're screwed. Still. Nope, nothing's changed since his last doomsday prediction, which has become a regular message …
Yahoo News · 2/5/2016
Stephen Hawking
An anonymous reader writes: The BBC has now put the second of Stephen Hawking's Reith Lectures up on their web site, with accompanying illustrations. It's not 'All you ever wanted to know about Black Holes', but it's an easy introduction to some of the ... · 14 hours ago
Reith Lecture
Paul Rudd must never have caught any of those Big Bang Theory episodes where Stephen Hawking handed Sheldon his bus-pants-covered behind, or else he'd know better than to call out the word-famous physicist.
USA Today · 1/27/2016
Stephen Hawking
Redmayne, who won the Academy Award last year for his role as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything, is nominated for his portrayal of transgender artist Lili Elbe. Eddie Redmayne with his wife …
Daily Telegraph · 45 minutes ago
Eddie Redmayne