From continuity errors to the complete lack of chemistry between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman, every scene, line, and mistake has provided fodder for Internet message boards and fandom communities.
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Rachel Bilson is taking her baby and motherhood very seriously, so much so that being a mother has become everything to her. But that doesn't mean that Rachel Bilson has forgotten about her baby daddy …
KpopStarz · 10/7/2015
One of the first rumors to surface has to do with the death of Han Solo in episode 7. Another rumor surfaced suggesting that Hayden Christensen, who starred as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in episodes 2 and 3, will …
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World Premiere
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Deadline offers a description of the show that would have been, writing: “The 1970s, which was to feature classic songs of the era performed by contemporary artists, was envisioned as telling the real story of the wars …
Classicalite · 10/1/2015
Women need to know that they’re not alone, and that it does heal.” Video Hayden Christensen Opens Up About His Baby Girl: "I Have This Little Angel in My Life" She continued, “There’s a lot of …
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Postpartum Depression
Sources say Hayden Christensen was engaging but only if it went straight-to-series as NBC balked at the cost. NBC won't be going back to the 1970s after all. The network has scrapped plans for The 1970s, a …
Billboard · 9/30/2015
Adam Levine
Executive producers include George Castrounis, Hayden Christensen and Richard Iott. The film was co-produced by Rosie Komandina. Bill Bromiley and Ness Saban negotiated the deal on behalf of Saban Films with …
Variety · ByDave Mcnary · 10/6/2015
Laurence Fishburne
Sources also tell The Hollywood Reporter that Hayden Christensen was in talks to play one of the leads, but only if the show went straight to series without bosses filming a pilot. Producers are reportedly planning to …
Toronto Sun · 10/1/2015
Cue the “Imperial March” and grab your blasters. Darth Vader is reportedly returning to a galaxy far, far away. Vader will reportedly appear in an upcoming Star Wars movie and the person behind the iconic mask will …
Hollywood Life (blog) · 9/22/2015
Darth Vader
Tove Christensen, Lee Clay, Eric Gozlan and Michael Wexler produced, and executive producers include George Castrounis, Richard Iott and Hayden Christensen, who also stars in Saban’s upcoming American Heist.
Deadline Hollywood · 10/6/2015
Saban Films
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