Windows 10 is now a recommended update for Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs, so more users are very likely to end up upgrading their computers without actually knowing it. But it turns out that Redmond is also trying a backup …
Softpedia News · 22 hours ago
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It may have taken awhile, but the market is finally showing Windows 10 some love. Six months after its debut, the latest operating system has climbed its way up to the number two spot among desktop environments …
Sci-Tech Today · 1 hour ago
However, while it may benefit small businesses, having the Windows 10 upgrade app put before users is probably not the best solution for all organizations. Fortunately, there's still time for such improvements in … · 1 day ago
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Microsoft’s Windows 10 has overtaken the 15-year old Windows XP in about six months of its launch. According to January data from NetMarketShare, the OS that came out at the end of July 2015 now has more desktop users than Windows XP. That’s …
Value Walk · ByVikas Shukla · 20 hours ago
Windows XP
Windows 10 has seen steady adoption among Steam users ever since its release, and the OS is getting closer to toppling Windows 7 from the top with each passing month. The Steam survey results for the month of … · 1/29/2016
Microsoft has been accused of pushing Windows 10 rather aggressively, and the company's latest move is going to do nothing to silence these accusations. For Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, Windows 10 just …
Beta News · ByMark Wilson · 2/4/2016
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Microsoft hopes to have Windows 10 running on 1 billion systems within three years. An admirable goal, but one that does not take into account the requirements of the user. Windows 10 shares a lot in common with Windows 8.1; it is a smooth experience ...
Groovy Post · 1 day ago
The day of reckoning has arrived for everyday Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users around the globe. Microsoft’s free Windows 10 operating system is getting bumped to first class, moving from an Optional update to a …
Hot Hardware · 2/2/2016
There is a growing number of users on Windows 7 and 8.1 who don't want any of the "Get Windows 10" updates on their system as they have no plans to upgrade to Microsoft's new operating system. Those users may …
Ghacks Technology News · 6 minutes ago
Windows Updates
Windows 7 still has the most number of users. Beta News reported Microsoft has been accused of pushing Windows 10 on users, and users complained that it was being automatically downloaded to their computers …
The Inquisitr · 2/2/2016