It is hard to believe that Dell's IdeaStorm site is five years old. (It's Feb 2007 launch was covered by us here.) But harder still to realize was that until last week, the venerated ideation site was getting a bit long in the tooth, even though it has had ...
ReadWrite · 3/26/2012
Can social networks provide business value? In most cases, I'd argue no. Very often, those "Web 2.0" sites are filled with gossip or, even worse, registered user names but no site visitors. Still, there are some prime examples where social networks really ...
Seeking Alpha · 4/1/2008
Dell IdeaStorm, which launched earlier this month, is the ultimate example of Seth Godin-style “take something good, innovate, and make it great” thinking. Invested so much effort into this community site that the message “we REALLY do care to know ...
WebProNews · 2/27/2007
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Though using online media to cast about for ideas is now fairly commonplace, it wasn’t when Dell launched IdeaStorm in 2007. Since then, the company has fetched 16,000 ideas and implemented close to 500 of them, which averages to about 10 per month.
Mashable · ByTodd Wasserman · 8/25/2011
One of The VAR Guy's favorite web sites is IdeaStorm, a Dell-run forum where readers share business and technology ideas, vote for their favorite reader concepts, and interact with Dell. IdeaStorm has been a huge hit with Dell customers and critics alike.
Var Guy · 3/31/2008
In what could be an interesting sign of things to come industry wide, Dell today launched a customer relations site called IdeaStorm. Users can submit product and feature requests, policy changes or whatever else they care to share with the Dell community.
TechCrunch · ByLeena Rao · 2/16/2007
Oh how I wish I'd thought of this - a network effects feedback mechanism from Dell called IdeaStorm. The site itself if pretty fugly but the idea is great and I particularly like the most popular idea so far: Would love the ability to have a clean Vista ... · 2/17/2007
Dell launches IdeaStorm for Health and Life Sciences, an online community for collective IT-related brainstorming for health care improvement. IdeaStorm comes on the heels of a planned Intel-General Electric collaboration on health care tech and-not ...
eWeek · ByMichelle Maisto · 4/6/2009
... Web sites late last week that allow customers to share and submit ideas and feedback with other Dell users and the company as a whole. Both IdeaStorm and StudioDell were announced during Michael Dell's presentation during a statewide education …
PC Magazine · 2/20/2007
The Dell IdeaStorm Web site, where customers and other IT enthusiasts can offer recommendations about future Dell products and configurations that they'd want to buy, was started on Feb. 16 by CEO Michael Dell, who is looking for ways to re-energize the ...
PC World · 2/26/2007