James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA who claimed in October that black Africans are less intelligent than whites, is himself 16 percent African. That claim comes ... and Kari Stefansson of deCODE. Chris Wilson is a Slate contributor.
Slate · 12/14/2007
A new analysis of Dr. Watson’s genome shows that he has 16 times the number of genes considered to be of African origin than the average ... Racism Row Has Black Genes” and “DNA Pioneer James Watson Is Blacker Than He Thought.”
New York Times · ByJohn Schwartz · 12/12/2007
MELVILLE, NEW YORK — A laboratory says geneticist James Watson inherited 16 percent of his DNA from an African ancestor ... as chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Scientists at deCODE Genetics, a gene-tracking company in Reykjavik …
Chicago Tribune · 12/11/2007
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It turns out that 1962 Nobel laureate, James Watson ... an Icelandic company, deCODE Genetics, carried out an analysis of Watson’s genome and found that 16 percent of his genome is likely to have come from an ancestor of African descent.
ScienceBlogs · 12/10/2007
A genome analysis performed on the DNA of James Watson, a 1962 Nobel Prize ... likely came from a black ancestor of African descent, The Independent reported Monday. The company that performed the analysis, deCODE Genetics, said people of …
United Press International · 12/10/2007
A couple of months ago, James Watson – who, together with Francis Crick ... Of course, if the claim had simply been that on average (say) African-Americans had lower scores on IQ tests than White Americans (and that this difference was reflected in ...
practical Ethics · 12/11/2007
According to Newsday, News that geneticist James Watson inherited 16 percent of his DNA from an African ancestor may provide the Nobel Prize winner with a new perspective on his ancestry. I’ll say! Scientists at deCode Genetics, the highly respected ...
TIME Business & Money · 12/14/2007
Later this year, Harvard University researchers plan to launch an ambitious project, funded in part by Google, to decode the DNA of 100,000 ... by researcher Craig Venter, DNA guru James Watson, two African men and now, in a first for women, Kreik.
The Swamp · 5/27/2008
James Watson has long been a renegade ... Now Watson has run into another renegade--Kari Stefansson, head of deCODE Genetics, a biotech company in Iceland that has made repeated (and sometimes disputed) advances in deciphering the human …
ABC News Blogs · 12/18/2007
Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James Watson, who disparaged the intelligence of Africans in a series of remarks two months ago, inherited 16 percent of his DNA from an African ancestor, according to a genetics-tracking firm. Scientists at deCode Genetics ...
Orlando Sentinel · 12/12/2007
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