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We went to Greece and visited Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Naxos. It was great, but there are a few things I wish I'd known before leaving.
Sloth rescued from highway by police in PeruSource: Policía Nacional del Perú
People at risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis could benefit from taking an existing medication prescribed for established cases of the condition.A clinical trial found abatacept to be “effective
It's been a turbulent week for weather in Chicago that has seen everything from sunny skies and 60-degree days to freezing temperatures and accumulating snow. Fittingly enough, snow has returned to
Every dog has its own unique personality, and doggy daycare centers are tasked with managing the different behaviors all under one roof. This doggy daycare out of Washington has mastered the art of
Yong Prince wakes up early every morning to make breakfast for the hundreds of people staying in her packed Denver motel. But this motel is unique — the rooms are free and the guests are all migrants
February's full moon, the second of 2024, will rise in a blaze of color and light this weekend — but don't expect a giant orb in the twilight sky. Thanks to orbital mechanics, the "Snow Moon" will be
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo welcomed the newest member to the elephant herd last weekend. A male calf made his public debut Feb. 20 at just two days old, the Nebraska zoo said in a Facebook post. He
Fifteen years after the first police department in San Diego County experimented with body-worn cameras, and 10 years after protests in Ferguson, Missouri, spurred national interest, the
Drake seems to extend care for his fans on nearly every stop of the It's All a Blur - As Big As the What? Tour. For a recent concert in St. Louis, the OVO Sound went to life-saving measures.Noticing
Acting has multiple perks! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the actors whose pain endurance levels carried them through jobs they really didn’t want to give up.
While most parents would travel to the ends of the earth to keep their children safe, Kat Lively's biological mom and dad deliberately put her in harm's way. At just three months old, in October 1993
Therapy pony visits hospital to cheer up patients in their sick beds -
New research has discovered ultrasound waves can be used to improve the motility of sperm, with the breakthrough offering new hope for families around the world struggling to conceive.According to
Waterfalls are among the top outdoor attractions people like to visit. Their effects range from soothing to inspiring to awe-inducing, and although they’re most common in mountainous areas, there are
Love is a central theme in the Harry Potter franchise, providing the foundation of Harry's world and triumphing over adversity. The
The actor, 52, spoke in an exclusive chat with PEOPLE at a special screening for his new film MondayMark Wahlberg is obsessed with his latest costar!The actor, 52, told PEOPLE at a screening and
By Stephen Beech via SWNS Ovarian cancer could soon be detected early thanks to a simple urine test. The potentially deadly condition affects women over the age of 50, but the symptoms -
WESH 2’s Community Champion is celebrating a big milestone. Valentine’s Day marks a decade since Sandra Fatmi-Hall felt a need in her neighborhood that she stepped up to meet. “Ten years ago, the

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