Check out this year’s 2009 Microsoft Keynote from CEO Steve Balmer. Also check out our CES Coverage. Click for a larger image. And we’re officially live here at the Bill Gates press conference. We’ve taken our seats, and are waiting until the 6:00 ... · 1/6/2008
Las Vegas (NV) - Much has changed since Microsoft co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates first spoke at CES 13 years ago. Back in what he calls the "first digital decade", people mainly used keyboards and mice to input data, but now you are starting to see ...
Tom's Guide · 1/7/2008
It's a new year and a new January CES expo about to begin that will hopefully bring enough new stuff to keep us drooling for the rest of the year. Despite of appealing to a mass audience (the CE in 'CES' stands for Consumer Electronics), over the last ...
TechSpot · ByJulio Franco · 1/7/2008
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The 2008 CES keynote was no different, although Gates, whom everyone refers to as Bill just as everyone refers to his industry colleague Steve Jobs as Steve, noted this was his last keynote as chairman of Microsoft, as he intends to retire in July 2008.
Streaming Media · ByTim Siglin · 1/7/2008
Bloggers and the press are out in force at CES in Las Vegas, tonite covering Bill Gates' keynote at CES 2008. You can find several entries listed here. Check out video coverage at Microsoft's CES site and on Microsoft PressPass. [More on the keynote from ... · 1/6/2008
The CES keynote stream is starting now, you can see it here. This is an important night for Bill Gates, after 15 years and 11 keynote addresses, this will be his last as he begins the transition from Microsoft FTE (full time employee) to being a full-time ...
Channel 9 · 1/6/2008
The Consumer Electronics Association today announced the first keynote speakers for its CES 2008 tradeshow. Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates will open the show with his traditional pre-show keynote, followed by Toshihiro Sakamoto …
TG Daily · 7/5/2007
While our liveblogging software worked wonders, our wireless connection did not. Thanks, CES, for repeatedly holding the keynotes in places surrounded by electronic interference and wall after wall of signal-reducing crap. Anyway, here are the photos we ...
TechCrunch · 1/8/2008
Despite weeks of tireless speculation about the possibility of major gaming announcements from Microsoft at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, company head Bill Gates and other senior executives focused on other subjects for …
Eurogamer · 1/7/2008
Right this minute, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates ... past CES keynotes. At one point, he will snap a picture of the Venetian auditorium and the gadget will recognize the venue, proposing various recreational activities he might enjoy after the keynote.
Gizmodo · 1/6/2008
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