He has made the Statue of Liberty disappear as well as a Lear jet. He has leapt over the Grand Canyon and walked through the Great Wall of China. He has escaped from Alcatraz and a burning straitjacket. But illusionist David Copperfield's most intriguing ...
The Daily Express · 8/23/2013
From the fountain of youth to a real treasure hunt, the famous illusionist has created a magical paradise at his 11-island property, which you can experience for just $37,500 a night. Fancy a magic-imbued tropical getaway? David Copperfield—the man who ...
Daily Beast · ByNina Strochlic · 11/21/2013
everal years ago, the magician David Copperfield issued a press release stating he’d discovered the fountain of youth on his private islands in the Bahamas. “We found this liquid that in its simple stages can actually do miraculous things ...
VICE · 8/20/2013
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Because David Copperfield has discovered the fountain of youth. And we mean that quite literally, as that thar headline should imply. Magician-ship must be a real good job. Think about it, you get to cut stuff in half, date Claudia Schiffer, foil muggers ...
Heckler Spray · 8/17/2006
It was magic that led him to David Copperfield. The illusionist claimed he had discovered the fountain of youth on his private island and Gollner decided to investigate. Copperfield was more than willing for Gollner to visit him, but was reluctant to show ...
CBC · 9/5/2013
David Copperfield's tropical getaway ... (£15,000 for up to 24 guests) Copperfield named his wild mini-archipelago in the Bahamas the Islands of Copperfield Bay and they are also reputed to have a fountain of youth, a secret underground city, and ...
Daily Mail · 5/31/2014
Magician David Copperfield told Reuters the other day that he found the legendary fountain of youth. "I've discovered a true phenomenon," he said. "You can take dead leaves, they come in contact with the water, they become full of life again.
G4 TV · ByStephen Johnson · 8/16/2006
When master illusionist David Copperfield isn’t creating magic spectacles at ... He believes it could be the home of the long-sought Fountain of Youth. “I am really 82,” he laughed. “It is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
Las Vegas Sun · ByRobin Leach · 6/5/2011
Musha Cay is a 150 acre exclusive private island owned by illusionist David Copperfield. This private island ... airstrip on an adjacent island. According to Copperfield, the Fountain of Youth has been discovered there. But restricted access to the island ... · 11/20/2012
Someone's discovered the fountain of youth!"? You'd say: "Olay, Schmolay, that's amazing!" And what would you say if you were then told: "And the person who has discovered it is David Copperfield"? You'd say: "So what happened on 'Enders last night?"
The Guardian · 5/19/2014