After her fateful urge to crash Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ MTV Video Music Awards performance in 2009, the rapper’s career was put on ice. Nearly six years later and with a respectable homage to the late Lisa …
New York Daily News · 12 minutes ago
A volcano eruption on the Japanese island of Kuchinoerabu has caused officials to urge residents to evacuate. Rocks and black smoke clouds spewed out of Mount Shindake and launched more than five miles into the …
MTV · 5 hours ago
On MTV's Jersey Shore, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was known for being ... I’m not drinking, I don’t have the urge to, because I drank so much from 13 to 24, so I kind of like drank for 10 people’s lifetimes, but once in a …
Daily Mail · 2 hours ago
Jersey Shore
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Two years after Apple Computer's iTunes began its domination of the online music service market, Microsoft and its partners have finally mounted a compelling challenge. Today, MTV Networks' URGE service debuts alongside Windows Media Player (WMP) …
Windows IT Pro · 5/16/2006
If you’ve got the urge to splurge on digital music and aren’t one of the 50 million people who’ve purchased an iPod, MTV wants you. This week, the cable entertainment giant launched its long-in-the-works download service Urge with partner Microsoft.
Boston · 5/20/2006
“Microsoft has spent the last few years getting smacked around by Apple in the digital-music market, and it must be getting tired of this treatment. So it’s doing something drastic: It’s throwing its own MSN Music store under the bus and launching a ...
Macdaily News · 5/21/2006
MTV Networks, RealNetworks and Verizon Wireless announced a joint venture Tuesday morning, which will unite the companies' digital music offerings with Real's Rhapsody service. MTV's URGE service will be shut down, but customers can migrate over to …
Beta News · 8/21/2007
MTV and Microsoft will be releasing the URGE music and video downloading service Wednesday. URGE will have more than 2 million songs for download at $.99 each or $9.95 for entire albums. There will also be an unlimited download plan for $9.95 or $14.95.
Gizmodo · 5/15/2006
MTV's new Urge music service (see "MTV Does Digital Music") is deeply integrated with the player, letting you manage music downloads and subscription tracks in one interface. Early adopters can download the player here, with the integrated Urge service.
TechHive · 5/14/2006
MTV NETWORKS' URGE music channels will be dropped on VERIZON's FiOS TV. The channels will live on for AT&T's U-VERSE TV customers. MULTICHANNEL.COM reports "VERIZON alerted FiOS TV subscribers late this week to the change in …
All Access Music Group · 9/8/2010