From the architect. The concept for this new-build home, located on a narrow strip of land between a busy road and the Grand Union canal in West London, developed as a careful response to the urban context. The … · 5/15/2015
Adjaye Associates
On Tuesday, Mozilla finally pulled the trigger. For users who just want to use Firefox, this means that soon you won’t need Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin to watch Netflix. Instead, Firefox 38 will use Adobe’s Content …
PC World · ByIan Paul · 5/13/2015
Refer to the Microsoft Silverlight Installation Page for end user runtime installation and the Silverlight Tools page for the development tools, including the SDK and developer runtimes. All updates to Microsoft Silverlight include functional, performance ...
Microsoft · 5/12/2015
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Microsoft has released 13 updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Silverlight, Lync and the .NET Framework during the Patch Tuesday of this month. Together the updates fix 48 vulnerabilities. Three updates for Windows, Internet Explorer ...
Myce · 5/14/2015
Internet Explorer
Microsoft has released version 5 of its Silverlight browser plugin and runtime environment. Among other new features, the 7-12MB download gives Silverlight developers a 3D API based on Direct3D, PostScript printing, hardware-accelerated H.264 video, and ...
Ars Technica · ByPeter Bright · 12/12/2011
Silverlight 5, the most recent -- and possibly last -- version of Microsoft's cross-platform browser plug-in, is poised to be released to manufacturing (RTM) before the end of November. Several of my customer and partner contacts have told me they have ...
ZDNet · ByMary Jo Foley · 11/8/2011
Additional guests or friends and family who can’t attend a ceremony in person can watch the proceedings via live webcast. In order to view the live webcasts you will need to make sure you have Microsoft Silverlight
McGill Publications · 13 hours ago
Until now we’ve been focusing on Common XAML, but now our attention turns to Silverlight for Windows Phone. Though Common XAML (i.e. Universal Apps) is meant to eventually replace it, the Silverlight framework is still a viable option for Windows Phone ...
InfoQ · 4/4/2014
Netflix on Monday said it would abandon Microsoft's Silverlight media player plug-in for Windows and OS X in-browser video streaming, and replace it with a trio of HTML5 extensions. The move will be a blow to Silverlight, the technology Microsoft once ...
Computer World · ByGregg Keizer · 4/16/2013
Don't open attachments from unknown or unexpected sources. Don't assume that any Web browser is immune to exploits and make sure that Flash, Java, and Silverlight are up to date. Keep in mind that malicious Web sites might piggyback onto news links.
Daily Courier · 3 hours ago