We’ve seen before that changing from Chrome to Safari can make a big difference on your Mac’s battery life. But if you haven’t switched from Chrome or Firefox to Safari yet, this fact might change your mind: if … · 2 minutes ago
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Apple has long stated Safari is more power efficient than Chrome or Firefox, and now a third-party external battery maker for Macs confirms it. For a long time now, I’ve exclusively used the Safari browser on my 2010 13-inch MacBook Pro and, since I ...
ITWire · 41 minutes ago
Using Safari on a MacBook will give you longer battery life, according to tests run by the BatteryBox Blog. The company tested Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, and Firefox on video sites, music streaming sites …
Mac Observer · 1 day ago
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According to them, they have seen several websites pushing Safari updates which not only aren’t from Apple, but also install some unwanted programs on your computer. InstallCore Installer, which is known to cause …
WCCF Tech · 7/29/2015
Though still in beta, Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 operating system is already causing much consternation within marketing and advertising agencies. At the heart of the issue is new ad-blocking capabilities that is being incorporated into the Safari Web ... · 6 hours ago
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Researchers with Malwarebytes have observed websites pushing a fake Safari update that leads to the installation of MacKeeper and ZipCloud, two controversial Mac programs that can be tricky to uninstall. According to a Tuesday post, interacting with the ...
SC Magazine · 7/29/2015
Chrisl84: "I still never quite understood why a News app was needed by Apple or third party….isnt that what Safari and bookmarks are for?" Sewollef: "I too have iOS 9 on my iPad and already the News app is gathering …
CIO · 7/30/2015
You can still make Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or another app your default browser in Windows 10, but it's not as easy or intuitive to do that as it was in previous versions of Windows. Here's how to do …
KWCH 12 · 21 hours ago
A hybrid upstart trying to sink its fangs into Docker: Apcera The UK's Supreme Court has granted Google permission to appeal against a ruling giving Apple Safari users the right to sue the Chocolate Factory over its …
The Register · 7/29/2015
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“Extensions are a fantastic way to bring new features to Safari and enhance your web browser,” Derek Erwin writes for Intego. “You can customize your browsing experience by adding new extensions, many of which can help you stay productive this …
Macdaily News · 7/28/2015
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