I use Safari as my primary browser on all of my Macs, and despite its occasionally controversial history, I generally find it to be fast, secure, and able to handle all of my Web browsing needs. If only, I pondered, had …
Mac Observer · 8/29/2015
Here’s how you can clear cache on Safari in Mac OS X. Once done, you will be able to fix a lot of browser related errors and resolve page loading issues. As you keep on using your Web browser on your PC or Mac
WCCF Tech · 1 day ago
Apple's iOS 9 is coming this fall. With it, the company officially will support content blocking through extensions to the Safari Web browser. Consumers will be free to hide ads on their phones, reducing their data usage …
International Business Times · 1 day ago
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The first encounter with a Retina Display Mac might be a little overwhelming, even for long-time Mac users if they’re upgrading from an older MacBook or iMac. And if you’re coming from a regular laptop running Windows or Linux, the increased pixel ...
Softpedia News · 8/31/2015
Drum’s “hate” for Apple was reinforced when he learned about the company’s plans to block ads by default in Safari even though in the past it has stopped users from installing ad blocking technology. What made …
BGR · ByBrad Reed · 22 hours ago
Apple user
The new system will allow users to install ad-blocking apps which will help pages load faster and make using Apple's Safari web browser on a smaller screen much easier The ad blocking feature is likely to appeal to the …
Yahoo Finance · 8/31/2015
Mobile Advertising
... version of Apple's Mac operating system, OS X "El Capitan," has a special focus on enhancing performance for power users. Among the new features are the ability to work across tabs in Mail, pin most visited …
ABC News · ByAlyssa Newcomb · 6 hours ago
Operating Systems
Apple’s Safari desktop browser has supported ad-blocking software for years. But the company is preparing to allow similar functionality in the mobile version of Safari in iOS 9, the next version of its operating system …
The Wall Street Journal · 8/28/2015
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When Safari was first introduced, I remember Apple making a big deal of how much faster it was, but in part because my bandwidth at the time was so constrained this never seemed particularly apparent, and thus not …
Macworld Mac Central · 4 hours ago
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The next version of Apple’s mobile-operating system, due out as early as next month, will let users install apps that prevent ads from appearing in its Safari browser. Putting such “ad blockers” within reach of …
Wall Street Journal · 1 day ago