Of course I’m talking about Apple. I think there is a general feeling among Web developers that Safari is lagging behind the other browsers, but when you go to a conference like EdgeConf, it really strikes you just how …
Ars Technica · 7/1/2015
Apple just opened the stopcocks and released a Hoover Dam's worth of security-related updates. Yes, there are numerous new features and products in there too, but it's the security fixes that make a compelling reason …
Naked Security · 7/1/2015
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Apple's Safari browser for iPhone and iPad features a somewhat hidden but incredibly useful feature, allowing users to quickly reopen tabs they recently closed. Here's how to access it. When using Safari, users can tap …
Apple Insider · BySam Oliver · 6/29/2015
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Safari is different. We don’t hate it, far from it, and for many of us it is our default web browser in every sense of the word,” William Gallagher writes for MacNN. “Yet unlike most Living With subjects, we live with Safari yet we have trysts ...
Macdaily News · 6/24/2015
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“I lead the Engineering Program Management team for Apple’s new search engine that provides results as you type in Safari and Spotlight.” De Guerre also came to Apple by way of the company’s 2013 … · 18 hours ago
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Security expert and developer Noland Lawson has named and shamed Apple’s Safari as the worst browser in terms of, well everything really. Lawson said that there is a general feeling among web developers that …
TechEye · 7/1/2015
The Internet works best for most people when it's frictionless: skipping from site to site like a stone flipping easily on water, with no pop-ups, no ads, no videos that play automatically. Aaaah, pure, easy scrolling and clicking. Here's some bad news ...
Mashable · 6/21/2015
The new version of OS X El Capitan will launch later this year, read on to find out more about the new features coming to Apple's web browser... In Safari in El Capitan you will be able to ‘Pin’ favourite sites to the …
Macworld · 6/24/2015
(The star shows favorites.) You can modify Top Sites in Safari by dragging and dropping, or hovering to delete forever or permanently pin a site. Apple adds Top Site entries automatically unless you’ve filled the screen …
Macworld Mac Central · 6/25/2015
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However, it seems Apple had a few further surprises relating to privacy: the company announced iOS 9 will allow an ad-blocker for mobile Safari. As Apple describes the addition in its developer library, content blocking …
The Motley Fool · 7/1/2015
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