Ahead of the official launch of OS X El Capitan, Apple's newest operating system, Apple today released Safari 9.0 for OS X Yosemite users. According to Apple, today's update is recommended for all people running OS …
Mac Rumors · 10/1/2015
While Apple now permits ad-blockers for Safari, the banned apps also block ads from native apps by installing their own "root certificates" and shunting all traffic through a VPN. From there, they read the unencrypted traffic …
Engadget · BySteve Dent · 10/9/2015
App Store
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Our review of El Capitan and our hands-on with Safari 9 in El Capitan takes a deep dive with key new features in Apple’s browser that are quite useful. But if you’re not ready to upgrade to El Capitan just yet, you’re …
Macworld Mac Central · 10/2/2015
El Capitan
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as well as Safari." @reneritchie We will remove ad blocking for FB, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Fin., and Pinterest and resubmit tomorrow, to comply. However, given that the app wasn't listed in the App Store as of Friday, it …
Naked Security · 17 hours ago
App Store
Google announced today that it will display links to iOS apps directly within Google search on Apple's mobile Safari browser. The links will display when users search for those apps or for content found within those apps …
The Verge · 10/9/2015
iPhone apps
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Search alternative DuckDuckGo, which is available as a default search option in Apple's Safari browser, is profitable without tracking user behavior, the company's CEO has revealed. Gabriel Weinberg participated in an …
Apple Insider · ByNeil Hughes · 10/10/2015
Indeed I love some of the changes, however small-bore they may be. A couple of my favorites are tweaks that Apple made to Safari, the built-in browser in OS X. At long last, Apple has added tab pinning to the software.
San Jose Mercury News · ByTroy Wolverton · 1 day ago
This new feature allows AdRoll customers to increase their campaign reach by retargeting users on Safari browsers across both desktop and mobile. On average, advertisers who enabled the beta test have seen a 130 …
B and T · 10/2/2015
It is now expanding the service to Safari in iOS 9 by making it compatible with HTTP deep link standards of Apple’s latest mobile OS. You can see app content in Safari on iOS 9 October-end Developers can take …
Value Walk · ByVikas Shukla · 21 hours ago
Ad-Blockers for iOS were originally intended by Apple to be used with Apple’s in house Safari web browser, utilising Apple’s content blocking system. This was supposed to allow for 3 rd party app developers, such … · 12 hours ago


Web Browser
Safari is a web browser included with the OS X and iOS operating systems and developed by Apple. First released as a public beta …
Safari is a web browser included with the OS X and iOS operating systems and developed by Apple. First released as a public beta on January 7, 2003, it was officially released with Mac OS X Panther and has since become Apple's default browser on OS X. On iOS it has been the default browser since the first release. Although both versions are based on the WebKit engine, they do not use the same version and many differences exist with respect to graphical user interface, end-user features and application programming interface.
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