March 9th is the day when Apple finally released the latest version of iOS (8.2) at the Spring Forward event. While this update was actually one that many users were expecting because it fixed quite a lot of bugs, but …
Gun Shy Assassin · 1 day ago
Apple iOS
The latest versions of Safari for Mac OS X and iOS are vulnerable to a URL-spoofing exploit that could allow hackers to launch credible phishing attacks. The issue was discovered by security researcher David Leo, who …
PC World · ByLucian Constantin · 5/19/2015
phishing attacks
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A serious security vulnerability has been uncovered in Apple’s Safari web browser that could trick Safari users into visiting a malicious website with the genuine web address. A group of researchers, known as Deusen … · 5/19/2015
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3. Install an Extension Pocket is a bookmarking service similar to Safari’s built-in Reading List but with some organizational features that Apple’s offering lacks. Download it now. That’s all that’s required to get an …
Mac Life · 1 day ago
which means iPhone or iPad users can't use Google Maps when they tap address links in other Apple apps, like Mail, iMessage or Safari. The only way to use Google Maps from an address link is to use Google's apps …
The Business Insider · 1 day ago
Apple Maps
A hacker with the screen name @comex has posted a video on his Twitter account showing his Apple watch running Safari. Comex did not explicitly say that the Apple watch running Safari has been jailbroken, but has …
Ecumenical News · 1 day ago
The demo code itself is a little hit-and-miss, and with no reports that the script has been used for any nefarious activity, this will hopefully be nipped in the bud by Apple before it can have any lasting effect on Safari
WCCF Tech · 5/19/2015
enabling such tasks as browsing two separate Safari tabs, quickly copying and pasting between documents, and for those with a penchant for sensory overload, even playing two videos or songs at once. Related: Apple
Digital Trends · 3 hours ago
Apple TV
It also adds that Apple is working on 12-inch iPads codenamed 'J98' and ... This would enable iPad users to see two separate Safari tabs, or compare a pair of Pages documents at the same time," it adds. However, the …
Times of India · 18 hours ago
It has now been revealed that Apple is working on several significant hardware and ... The update will allow users to compare various apps simultaneously as well as splitting Safari tabs and will increase productivity on …
The Inquisitr · 23 hours ago
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