Nielsen is expanding on its TV ratings by giving studios detailed statistics on nearly 1,000 shows streaming on services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video. That number was first reported by the Wall …
NBC News · 8/27/2015
Nielsen Tracking
But now Hollywood is getting its first real peek inside the black box of online video streaming ... up a program to track viewing on Netflix and other online services like Inc. AMZN 3.07 % ’s Prime Instant
Wall Street Journal · 8/27/2015
Netflix will launch Prime Instant Video in Japan next month — adding the streaming service for no extra cost to members of the free-shipping program — in a challenge to Netflix, set to launch Sept. 2 in the …
Variety · 8/26/2015
Prime Instant Video
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allowing those that are not available for instant viewing to be shipped to users’ homes. Not only does Netflix stream online some of the current most popular television shows, the company is also known for creating …
Canyon News · 6 hours ago
ShowMax is the latest local response to the steady increase in people who live-stream television or ... Internationally, platforms such as Netflix, which has 62-million members, as well as the likes of Hulu and Amazon …
MyBroadband · 1 hour ago
South Africa
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Starting next month, the industry will learn if Japan prefers Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, or another more local ... As in other countries, Prime service includes streaming video as well as expedited shipping and a Kindle book title each month.
Streaming Media · ByTroy Dreier · 8/27/2015
Amazon Prime
On Wednesday Amazon announced that it will bring its Prime Instant Video service to Japan in September. Netflix has had long-announced plans to roll out its own streaming service in the country on Sept. 2.
Time · 8/27/2015
The remastered high-definition episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” are now available for Netflix instant streaming customers. The rollout, which occurred in the last day or so, replaces the previous standard …
Trek News · 8/21/2015
Netflix instant
In addition to the usual streaming video rivals like Amazon and Google, Netflix will have to win market share from ... And we think its stock price has nearly unlimited room to run for early in-the-know investors! To be one …
The Motley Fool · 8/27/2015
Price: £5.99 for unlimited viewing on one device, eg your laptop, but for £6.99 you can watch on two devices, plus you get HD streaming. What to watch: Prison drama Orange Is The New Black was created for Netflix
Mirror · 4 hours ago
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