Remember back in the late 1990s when Netflix was synonymous with the mail-order business? The company’s about-face from a DVD purveyor to a one-stop shop for instant, streaming movies and TV was staggering …
Digital Trends · 6 minutes ago
"The Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich will be removed on Aug. 1. Get ready for some new movies and TV shows. Netflix will be updating its online streaming catalog in August. Some new titles include …
New York Daily News · 7/28/2015
TV shows
This is officially the dead zone for most sports fans. Unless, you know, you are seriously in to golf or the WNBA, you find yourself with all sorts of extra time sitting in front of a TV and not knowing what to do with …
Philadelphia Magazine · 7/28/2015
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You may think that there are already so many movies and TV shows available to catch on Netflix Instant Streaming that you can't possibly watch them all. While that's probably true, get ready for your queue to become …
Tech Times · 7/27/2015
Instant Streaming
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Every month, Netflix adds dozens of new titles to its growing collection of streaming movies and TV series. At the same time, it rotates out some of its older titles. Below we’ve chosen the best movies to watch before …
Slate · 7/27/2015
Netflix streaming
While 40 shows are going offline next month, 80 more titles are being added to Netflix. See the complete list of movies and television shows being added to and leaving Netflix instant streaming in August.
Examiner · 7/29/2015
CEO Reed Hastings aims to have the streaming video service in 200 countries ... SoftBank's BBTV Next launched in 2014, and Amazon introduced its instant video service two years ago. Sure, Netflix has strong brand …
The Motley Fool · 7/28/2015
Netflix Inc
The publication also believes that with this coalition, Telstra TV will be capable enough to handle the might of Netflix, as it will be offering unlimited streaming content for users on different platforms for a monthly … · 7/29/2015
Telstra TV
The news also left Netflix — which had hoped to grab the trio as ... Amazon also offers an on-demand streaming service called Amazon Instant Video, which kind of exists alongside Prime Video, except you pay per title …
VentureBeat · 1 day ago
From Daredevil to Orange Is The New Black season 3, Netflix really showed off some of amazing content. But let's not forget the thousands of other fantastic titles and shows you can stream in an instant. This month …
AskMen · 7/30/2015
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