Tis' the season to cuddle up with a mug of hot chocolate and binge watch new shows. Netflix will be updating its online catalog in December and it'll be adding new TV shows and movies, as well as removing some titles.
New York Daily News · 11/25/2015
TV shows
You know the drill: you subscribe to a streaming service like Amazon Prime Instant Video or Netflix, you get whichever films and TV shows they offer. But Amazon might be taking a different approach. It's rumoured it'll let …
U Switch · 25 minutes ago
Prime Instant Video
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Comparatively, Netflix accounts for just 4.1% and all other video accounts ... compared with saying you can stream unlimited YouTube. What's more, it will actually cost T-Mobile less. Calling into question net neutrality …
The Motley Fool · 11/26/2015
Streaming Service
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But now it appears that the online shopping giant may bring its Instant Video service to Apple’s streaming set-top box after all ... the set-top box does support a number of major services, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO …
International Business Times · 13 minutes ago
Apple TV
Today marks the launch of Disney’s new Netflix-like streaming service, DisneyLife ... at the time of publishing), which is higher than the cost of either Netflix or Amazon Instant Video’s £6 per month rate in the U.K.
Yahoo News · 11/24/2015
The move is said to intensify the competition with Netflix and Hulu. Moreover ... Amazon has been focusing on expanding its Prime Instant Video streaming service, enough to stop sales of Google and Apple … · 21 minutes ago
The report stated that while media companies such as The Walt Disney Company (DIS), Time Warner (TWX), and CBS (CBS) are licensing content to video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant
Yahoo Finance · 1 day ago
Netflix Problem
Netflix is pure pay. It is becoming increasingly apparent ... the music industry when it launched its online music streaming service, enabling users to stream an unlimited amount of music for free or at the cost of a flat …
Broadband TV News · 11/25/2015
The pioneer in video streaming in Canada, Netflix, starts at $7.99 a month ... Carriers have imposed data caps on most plans — although you can pay extra for an unlimited plan. If you go over your cap, you may have to …
The Vancouver Sun · 11/23/2015
streaming service
Years ago, the older generation went to video rental stores to rent movies and prerecorded TV shows. Technology evolved fast and the owners of these stores gone bankrupt, because video streaming services went viral …
Neuro Gadget · 11/18/2015