The study examines three streaming brands namely, Netflix, Amazon Prime ... Similarly,, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Instant Video had its share of brand perception problem, with 23% of the respondents … · 23 hours ago
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When you subscribe to one of the leading video-streaming services—Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video—you get a wide offering of movies and television shows, along with a buffet of different options. Which service …
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 5 · 1 day ago
As our biggest pre-summer TV series have begun to wind down (au revoir, Mad Men; see you soon, Game of Thrones), our attention can now be consumed by some new narratives. Here are some of our picks for the …
Philadelphia Magazine · 6/24/2015
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Every month, Netflix adds dozens of new titles to its growing collection of streaming movies and TV series. At the same time, it rotates out some of its older titles. Below we’ve chosen the best movies to watch before …
Slate · 6/24/2015
Once you’re set up, you’ve got access to 366 (and growing) streaming ... change your Netflix region accordingly to access your content. You can also log in to UnoTelly from within Filmefy, which allows you to …
Make Use Of · 6/30/2015
Netflix's dominance in subscription streaming video is pretty much taken for granted ... followed by Amazon Prime Instant Video (13%) and Hulu Plus (6.5%), according to Nielsen. Netflix is such a "resounding favorite … · 6/29/2015
Netflix may have a lot more content available to stream in 4K than Amazon, but Amazon's Instant Video streaming service now offers infinitely more HDR content than anybody else. Amazon has announced that its …
CNet · 6/24/2015
In the early seasons of Seinfeld, before the ensemble began to really gel and shine, Jerry was the star of the show. And some of his best episodes were the best episodes of those early years. · 7/2/2015
Seeing an opportunity to cut into the Apple establishment, competitors like Spotify began using the Netflix model to offer unlimited streaming access to its music catalog for a monthly fee, bypassing the idea of "owning …
SC Times · 19 hours ago
Apple Music
Sprint’s new “All In” unlimited plan sounds okay on the surface ... there’s an admission that All In includes a permanent limit of 600Kbps on streaming video. So things like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now will only run …
Geek · ByRyan Whitwam · 7/1/2015
Sprint announces
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