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Wikipedia - it’s a work in progress. Credit: Lane Hartwell, CC BY-SA If you heard that a group of people were creating, editing, and maintaining Wikipedia articles related to brands, firms and individuals, you could point out … · 9 hours ago
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Wikipedia, the world’s online trove of collective knowledge, is in the midst of a international extortion scandal, where editors secretly charged businesses and artists a fee to create and “protect” articles. The Wikimedia …
Think Progress · 8 hours ago
Wikimedia Foundation
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(NaturalNews) Natural News has long documented the scandal, debauchery and bogusness surrounding the "online encyclopedia" known as Wikipedia – and each time we've been proven correct that the media giant is little more than a corrupt operation …
Natural News · ByJ. D. Heyes · 19 hours ago
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In March, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said he wanted a more secure web, with encryption everywhere. At the time, however, Wikipedia itself wasn’t encrypted by default, leaving the door open for repressive …
Motherboard · 5 hours ago
Blocking Wikipedia
In another example, Google's fun fact asked what the sweetener was in Diet Coke, but its answer provided only a short history of the beverage from Wikipedia. You have to click on the Wikipedia link to find that …
CNN · ByTodd Leopold · 7 hours ago
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Analysis “It’s the wisdom of the crowd that gives you the best results in the long-term.” Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC No media mogul in history has ever matched the power of Wikipedia, which is capable of damaging …
The Register · 5 hours ago
Power corrupts
SAN FRANCISCO - Wikipedia on Wednesday said that it has blocked more than 300 accounts being used by people being paid to create or tweak entries at the communally sourced online encyclopedia. Weeks of …
AsiaOne · 1 day ago
Wikipedia blocks accounts
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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), host of the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, announced on Monday that it has suspended 381 accounts for creating pages deemed to be either overly promotional in nature or featuring …
Naked Security · 9/2/2015
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Ja Rule showed his age yesterday when he admitted to scrolling through his own Wikipedia page and didn’t agree with the user-uploaded information. “Wikipedia is the most inaccurate sh*t ever lol how are they still …
Hip-Hop Wired · 1 day ago
Ja Rule
Jake Rudock made his first start at quarterback for Michigan on Thursday night, and things could have gone better. The Iowa graduate transfer threw three interceptions in the Wolverines' 24-17 loss at Utah, the third of …
Fox Sports · 20 hours ago


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