The big day is coming. And that means the big announcements are coming. There will always be some that we completely didn’t expect, but there’s always even more that we can pretty accurately predict. So …
GotGame · 21 hours ago
Following an extensive period of sluggish sales, Microsoft has decided to drop the price of the Xbox One in China from RMB 3,699 to RMB 2,999. The Kinect-less model is now available in the region with a discount of …
SegmentNext · 2 hours ago
Currently, the Xbox One is available for $349 ... Some have wondered when or if the PS4 will drop its price, but from what the firm is saying, that doesn't sound like a likely thing to happen. In an interview with MCV, Fergal …
Examiner · 5/22/2015
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The prospect of a 2015 PS4 price drop is higher than consumers might think. After months of cheaper Xbox One deals Microsoft is no longer playing catch-up to Sony. Read: PS4 Tips & Tricks We first heard about a …
Gotta Be Mobile · ByJosh Smith · 5/21/2015
If you own an Xbox One, then you will be probably happy with this deal, as several Microsoft published games for the Xbox One have dropped in price. And before the smart comments come flooding in, there actually are …
Gaming Bolt · 5/23/2015
This reduced price put the Xbox One in a more competitive battle with the PlayStation ... The PlayStation 4 is listed at $349 ($50 price drop) and the Vita is listed at $89 ($110 price drop). Whether or not there is a price
Game Zone · ByTatiana Morris · 5/20/2015
PS Vita
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While the price cuts would not be all too unexpected, and the documents could just be mistakes, but there is a possibility that Sony will cut later this year following the unexpected sales win by the Xbox One in April.
After Dawn · ByAndre Yoskowitz · 5/21/2015
PS4 price drop
Everyone is wondering when Sony might drop the price of the PlayStation 4. Well, they have every right to wonder. The system just lost out to Xbox One in North America in the month of April, and it remains $50 more …
PSX Extreme · 1 day ago
Games in Asia reports that the Xbox One console with Kinect will drop in price from 4,299 yuan ($693) to 3,799 yuan ($612) this Thursday. The console without Kinect will drop from 3,699 yuan ($596) to 2,999 yuan …
VentureBeat · ByDan Crawley · 5/20/2015
Around the time the PS4 became more available in stores however, Microsoft made the decision to unbundle the Kinect and offer a base Xbox One console for $399. This pseudo price drop did help to drum up sales, but the …
Attack of the Fanboy · 5/24/2015
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