Will the PlayStation 4 drop in price overseas, too? After the TGS 2015 announcement that the PlayStation 4 is seeing a price drop of about $42 in Japan, Western commentators were consumed by the idea of a …
International Digital Times · 9/21/2015
While Microsoft missed Tokyo Game Show this year, the house of Xbox just held its own event, and the first part of it is a press conference, that was just wrapped up a few minutes ago. During the briefing, the house of …
DualShockers · 9/25/2015
Price Drop
There is no other way around saying it but that the Xbox One has been a complete failure in Japan, much like previous Xbox consoles in the country. Japan has been a very handheld minded market for awhile now, but …
Attack of the Fanboy · 9/25/2015
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At the recent Tokyo Game Show, Sony made a significant announcement about their PlayStation 4 gaming console getting a price cut in Japan. Its original price was slated to get a price drop of around $42, citing its …
The Latin Post · 9/21/2015
Speaking with IGN in an interview for next week's episode of Podcast Unlocked, Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke about the recent price cut on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, expressing his confidence in the likelihood of it … · 9/21/2015
Sony's PlayStation 4 has been a huge success with more than 25 million sales since its launch in late 2013Sony Xbox boss Phil Spencer has predicted that Sony will announce a wider price cut for the PlayStation 4 next …
International Business Times · 9/21/2015
price drop
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Microsoft have announced what games they are discounting in this week's Deals with Gold offering on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, shared a full rundown of the titles …
The Daily Express · 1 day ago
Xbox One boss, Phil Spencer, has recently told IGN, in an interview, that he fully expects a Playstation 4 price drop in the United States. This comes after news of a confirmed Playstation 4 price cut in Japan. Spencer … · 9/21/2015
price drop
Phil Spencer has always seemed like a straight shooter. Well, as straight a shooter of a head of a gaming platform has ever been in the past. That willingness to speak to the fans has defined his tenure at Xbox, really …
Bleeding Cool News · 9/21/2015
Price Drop
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With the holiday season just around the corner, it might make sense to mark the PS4 down to sell as many units as possible and to better compete against Nintendo. I don’t recall a time when a PlayStation console …
Forex Report Daily · 9/21/2015